Gotta Catch ‘Em All: GoogaMooga Chef Trading Cards Are Here (PHOTOS)

Guys, this year’s GoogaMooga is already going to be a major improvement upon last year’s; for one thing, THERE ARE TRADING CARDS THIS TIME. Yup, as in old school, swap-with-your-friends-to-complete-a-set, bask-in-your-own-triumph-upon-completion trading cards.

Editorial Director Jordana Rothman paired up with Doug Cunningham to design five packs of cards, organized in part by the themed villages on the GoogaMooga grounds, with each card featuring a different chef, mixologist, sommelier, or chef-mom (!) you’re bound to find at the festival.

On the flip side of each person’s visage are stats like what they’ll be serving at GoogaMooga, Q&As, and recipes. Check out every chef card you can pick up with an excerpt from their stats below. If you’d like to see any of the cards in glorious detail, click here.

Happy Collecting!

[The Great GoogaMooga]

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