WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Announces Hell’s Kitchen Winner, Snuggles Runner-Up

And the winner is…

Christina! Yes, Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 has come to a close and Christina was crowned the winner, making her the new head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at The Paris in Las Vegas. Both she and runner-up Justin faced a tough service with members of their respective teams copping massive ‘tudes when it came to following orders from chefs other than Gordon Ramsay. But smackdowns were laid, and Christina emerged victorious.

Check out the clip of dramatic smash cut reaction shots Christina’s big moment below. And yes, Justin’s consolation prize really was compliments and cuddles from Gordon. There may be a gruff man-neck-kiss somewhere in there, as well. We can’t be sure. But worry not; Christina didn’t go unsnuggled. Her ehhhh sexy lady was there, blubbering her face off, and waiting to administer congratulatory kisses after Christina was announced the winner, too. Congrats, Christina! Have fun in Vegas!

Bonus: the credits roll with outtake footage of the Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 contestants dancing, inter-cut with footage of them receiving back-handed compliments from Gordon. We included them for good measure.

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