Judge Tells Martha She Can’t Sell Her Stuff With JC Penney, Macy’s Does A Victory Lap

Ok, so this outcome was kind of obvious: a New York Supeme Court judge ruled this weekend that Martha Stewart and her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, cannot sell a second line of sage green lifestyle products through JC Penney, since she had signed a very legally binding contractual agreement to sell her products exclusively through Macy’s back in 2004.

Justice Jefferey Oing, who delivered the oral ruling yesterday, noted that not only would Stewart’s partnership with JC Penney hurt Macy’s sales, but that the department store had “took on the risk” of partnering with Stewart the ungrateful backstabbing betrayer immediately after her insider trading conviction back in 2004.

A Macy’s spokesperson wanted pretty badly to say “Et tu, Martha?”, but settled for some version of “The company is pleased with the injunction.”

Meanwhile, however, Stewart’s spokeswoman hinted that a separate settlement would allow Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and JC Penney to continue their partnership, launching the product line in 2013. “Nothing about today’s ruling changes that,” she said, probably because it would be awkward to have to resell the building in Soho they just purchased for Stewart’s JC Penney designers.


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