Last Call: Brett Anderson Returns As Restaurant Critic For The Times-Picayune; Now This Is Ironic

The Times-Picayune: After falling victim to a horrible example of journalism cost-cutting, the James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic Brett Anderson has been asked to return! A great boon for journalism in Louisiana; a bane for upstart bloggers.

The Bold Italic: A four-year-old girl reviews the renowned State Bird Provisions in San Francisco using her sweet widdle face.

Mpls St. Paul: Andrew Zimmern writes about a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad dinner he had with friends at an unnamed renowned sushi restaurant that somehow had a no-tip policy. We would hate to speculate which restaurant that could be.

Eater: That Chef madcap movie directed by Jon Favreau finally has a release date — May 9th, 2014, which also happens to be Mother’s Day weekend. Moms love movies about drugged-out, fornication-happy chefs. And then they’ll be so pleased about brunch afterwards!

The Mary Sue: Make your own alien egg bread! It’s easy to prepare, it glows green, and it’s a perfect way to gestate those stomach worms that burst out of your stomach on the Nostromo!

The Guardian: Yes, the home cooking experiments that fail should probably be confined to the trash bin, but Jay Rayner argues that they’re a totally necessary part of the evolution of a good home cook. Thank you for your vote of confidence, Jay. Please, try some of these banana-corn-anchovy cupcakes that we made. (The frosting is Vegemite.)

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