Last Call: Girl Scout Cookies Will Turn You into a Lesbian Communist…Problem?

Grub Street: A Colorado pastor is claiming that Girl Scout Cookies promote lesbianism, abortion, Communism, and Planned Parenthood. Spoiler alert: lesbians do love Girl Scout Cookies. Shrug.

Eater: Here’s a sneak preview of the Roberta’s cookbook. Clintons, to Communist lesbian Girl Scout Cookie-eating dismay, not included.

Imgur: This is what happens when the Khaleesi tries to bake (she’s a lesbian Communist, right?). Unrelated to what happens when the Khaleesi tries to dance.

New York Times: Momofuku Ko is switching locations, and NYT has the deets. Pros: waiting room for customers. Cons: probably still no keg in said waiting room.

Instagram: Hello, little one. Would you like to have a nightmare tonight? Check out the new Cook It Raw mask.

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