WATCH: Martha Stewart Schools Paula Deen On The Art Of Scandal Response

See, this is how you do it, Paula Deen. Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Martha Stewart was asked by a caller about her opinions on the entire Deen scandal (you know, that scandal), and Stewart, who’s weathered many of her own scandals, demonstrated world-class PR restraint.

Why Martha dear, asked Andy Cohen, do you agree with the Food Network’s decision to drop Mrs. Deen?

“I feel sorry for Paula Deen,” Martha Martha’d demurely. “She’s a public figure and I know that you have to be extremely careful, being a public figure. I don’t really want to say whether I agree with it or not, I just, uh, hum, I just feel like you really have to watch yourself.”


Watch the clip below and educate yourself on how to say “No comment” like an elegant, classy dame.


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