WATCH: Gang Culture Aficionado Eric Greenspan Compares Homies To Bread

The season finale of Melt Master was easily the most heartwarming episode to date. Instead of a fever-dream induced trippy grilled cheese monstrosity, Eric Greenspan crafted a perfectly simple cheddar-stuffed grilled cheese on bacon/hot dog/jalapeño/sun-dried tomato bread. Where did such delicious bread come from, you ask? Why, from Downtown LA’s Homeboy Industries, of course. The bakery was originally established as a gang intervention program, and is now one of LA’s premiere artisan bakeries.

Says Homeboy Baker Kevin, “This comes from the idea of growing up in tough neighborhoods, growing up in poverty where nobody really cares about us, you know, it makes us find our potential in here, and from there we take off.”

“Remember,” Eric says, “Homies are like bread: they need time to rise to their potential.”

Check out the episode in its entirety below. The bread really does look insanely tasty and the story was effective enough to melt even ours, the most frigid of hearts.

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