Taco Bell Pulls Ad Making Fun Of People Who Bring Vegetables To Parties

Shh, don’t tell Lorena “Cantina Bell” Garcia about it, but Taco Bell recently ran an ad that was super anti-veg. Prepare yourselves for the shock: it was a Superbowl-themed commercial. Look, everything we know about football, we learned from Friday Night Lights, but we do know that anybody with any sort of respect for the game doesn’t order Taco Bell on Superbowl Sunday. (Right? We’re correct in making that assumption, right? Please tell us that we are.)

According to the ad, a voiceover informs patrons that bringing vegetables to a party is like “punting on fourth and one.”

For the record, kids, celery comes with your vat of chicken wings for a reason. (Celery + buffalo sauce + ranch/blue cheese is delicious.)

Taco Bell swiftly pulled the ad after The Center for Science in the Public Interest staged a Twitter protest with outraged citizens tweet-blasting their complaints.

[Huffington Post]

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