Tom Colicchio Launches New Series On The RESERVE Channel

Do you love On The Table, Eric Ripert’s YouTube series on The RESERVE Channel where he invites his celebrity friends into his kitchen to chat and cook with him? Do you, perhaps, love it but wonder why it has not occurred to anyone to set the series ON A BOAT? Well, as it turns out, your innermost wants and desires just so happen to coincide with those mysterious photos of Tom Colicchio and Eddie Huang shark-fishing last summer.

Colicchio has teamed up with RESERVE for a series similar to Ripert’s, except instead of cooking, he’s fishing with his celebrity buds while contemplating the universe together.

The first episode of Hooked Up features, of course, Huang, but in the future, “athletes and stars,” along with chefs, will join Tom on the series for fishing excursions “over cocktails and comical banter”, according to the press release. Well, that sounds pleasant.

We can’t wait for On The Table’s briny, acerbic little sister to hit the internet. Check out RESERVE’s fall preview sizzle reel below to catch a glimpse of Hooked Up and see what Eddie Huang looks like at a 5am call time.

UPDATE: The video is currently down but we’ll update accordingly as soon as it’s back up.

UPDATE, 10/16/2012: The video is back and we’ve embedded it below.

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