Tonight In Food TV: Dita Von Teese Ruffles Curtis Stone’s Feathers On Top Chef Masters

On tonight’s Top Chef: Masters, the cheftestants will battle it out with sexy foods in a Quickfire Challenge for burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese. Of course, unlike Top Chef: Amateurs, the chefs will only see coverage of Miss Von Teese tasting their dishes through a live feed of the dining room, which leaves host Curtis Stone all alone with a professional seductress. Okay, take a moment to calm yourself, because, yes, she is strikingly beautiful, and remarkably apt at toeing the line between coquette and pro-dom. Can we move on now? Great.

She arrived to take The Daintiest Bites Ever of the Quickfire dishes, while Curtis could barely scrape together his hostly charms, he was so thoroughly ruffled by the beautiful Von Teese. Between talk of teases vs payoffs and soft caresses vs quick smacks (we’re discussing food, here), Curtis blushed, stuttered, and choked his way through the tasting with all the charm of a 10th grade boy at the chalkboard with a boner.

Check out the clip below for a sneak peek at tonight’s Top Chef: Masters.

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