Biden Says He Will Take a Covid Vaccine if Fauci Deems it Safe: ‘I Wouldn’t Hesitate’


President-elect Joe Biden would take a Covid-19 vaccine in the event one becomes available, Biden said Monday.

“First of all, we will see if that comes forward,” Biden said, responding to a reporter’s question during an afternoon press conference in Wilmington, Delaware. “Secondly, it’s important that people who are of the greatest need get it.

Biden said he wanted to “set an example,” adding, “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine if, in fact, Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and these two organizations, whether it’s Moderna or Pfizer, who have been extremely responsible, conclude that it is safe and able to be done.”

Moderna on Monday said its vaccine, which is still in an experimental stage, had reached an efficacy rate of 94.5 percent in third-phase trials. Pfizer previously said its own vaccine had reached an efficacy rate of 90 percent.

Fauci said Tuesday he believed a vaccine would become widely available by April, though polls show many Americans are likely to reject it amid skepticism that it will be work. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said in October that Americans should be “very skeptical” of the vaccine.

“Look, the only reason that people question the vaccine now is because of Donald Trump,” Biden said Monday. “That’s the reason why people are questioning the vaccine, because of all things he says or doesn’t say, is it truthful, is it not truthful, is it exaggerations?

“I think we’re on a clear path now … with the international community and international leaders, and the scientific community have focused on these two vaccines,” he added. “They appear to be ready for prime-time, ready to be used. And if that continues on, I would take the vaccine.”

Watch above via CNN.

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