Joe Biden

John Sununu Trashes Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Quantitatively Illiterate’ Millenial

If Democrats Were Smart, They’d Make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Face of Their Party

Conservatives Cry Sexism When Biden Calls Ann Coulter ‘Conservative Blonde Woman’

Biden is Not Buying Trump’s Claim Other Presidents Wanted Wall: Not ‘A Single One’

New York Times Boosts Bernie Sanders With Misleading Polling Headline

Former Bernie Sanders Staffer Tells Fox News Senator Should Make Up His Mind About 2020 Run: ‘It’s Becoming Irritating’

California Rep Says He’s ‘Open to Entertaining’ a Biden-Swalwell 2020 Ticket After Cher Shoutout

Joe Biden on Rise of Hate in America: ‘Our Leadership is Giving License to This Prejudice’

Former RNC Chair: ‘It Would Be a Mistake to Assume That There Won’t Be a Republican Primary’ in 2020

Joe Biden: ‘I’m a Gaffe Machine’ But ‘I’m the Most Qualified Person in the Country to Be President’

Joe Biden Predicts Republicans Will Distance Themselves From Trump After Midterms

‘Absolutely Thermonuclear Midterm’: Here’s What Cable News Pundits Are Saying About the Election, 2 Weeks Out

Joe Biden: American Values are Being ‘Shredded’ by a POTUS ‘Who’s All About Himself’

WATCH: Trump Polls His Own Rallygoers on Nickname Ideas for Joe Biden

Trump Talks Fighting Joe Biden: ‘He’d Be Down Faster’ Than Greg Gianforte Could ‘Take Him Down’

Joe Biden Says He Hopes Democrats Don’t Impeach Trump if They Take Back the House

Joe Biden on Trump: He ‘Seems to Have a Love Affair with Autocrats’

Biden Slams GOP’s ‘Blind Rage and Brute Partisanship’ During Kavanaugh Hearing

Biden Advises Senate Not to Treat Kavanaugh’s Accuser Like Anita Hill: She ‘Was Vilified’

Biden: Obama and I Agreed to Stay Silent in Trump’s 1st Year, But I Couldn’t After Charlottesville

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