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Joe Biden

New Poll Shows Joe Biden Beating Trump By 7 Points in 2020

The Barack Obama/Joe Biden Murder Mystery is Here

Former Obama WH Official: Trump Relying on Fox News For Intel is ‘Scary’

Rudy Giuliani is Not Exactly Sorry He Called Joe Biden a ‘Mentally Deficient Idiot’

Giuliani: Joe Biden is a ‘Moron’ and ‘Mentally Deficient Idiot’ Who Won’t Have a Chance Against Trump in 2020

Joe Biden Rips Trump for Not Preparing for Summit: ‘Inexcusable and Irresponsible’

WATCH: HBO Releases a Dramatic Trailer For Its John McCain Documentary

Leslie Marshall Warns Dems Ahead of 2020: ‘Joe Biden is the Only Democrat’ That Can Beat Trump

Biden Makes Powerful Statement Denouncing WH Aide’s Nasty McCain Comment: Decency ‘Hit Rock Bottom’

Biden Decries Trump Iran Announcement: ‘Manufactured a Crisis for His Own Political Interests’

Joe Biden Regrets Talking About a Fight With Trump: ‘I Shouldn’t Have Said What I Said’

Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk Slam Joe Biden: ‘He Didn’t Have the Guts to Run’ For President

Joe Biden Unleashes on Trump Picking John Bolton: ‘It’s a Virtual Disaster’

Biden Grumpily Clarifies His Comments About Beating Up Trump: ‘Go Back and Read What I Said’

Joe Biden is the Top Polling Democrat to Face Trump in 2020

The View Derails Over Trump-Biden Feud: You Want Somebody ‘To Beat the Crap Out Of’ POTUS?!

Jake Tapper Lights Up ‘Tough Guys’ Trump and Biden: ‘Nine Vietnam Deferments’ Between Them

Varney Grills WH Aide on Trump-Biden Feud: Americans ‘Embarrassed’ by President Using That Language

Twitter Reacts to Trump, Biden Challenging Each Other to a Fight: ‘2020 Is Going to be Lit’

Trump Warns ‘Crazy Joe Biden’ After Former VP Says He Deserves Beating Over Access Hollywood Tape

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