CNN Fact Checker-in-Chief Daniel Dale Announces The ‘Most Dangerous Lie’ of Trump’s Presidency


CNN’s Daniel Dale, who has risen to prominence as a chronicler and debunker of President Donald Trump’s lies, has announced his choice for most dangerous lie of the Trump presidency, as well as 14 other “winning” lies from other categories.

Dale became a veritable household name among cable news viewers during Trump’s presidency after his work for the Toronto Star, tallying and debunking false or misleading statements by Trump, landed him a national gig with CNN.

But with Trump headed out the door in four days, Dale is taking a look back at the thousands of statements he has debunked. In a retrospective analysis on CNN’s website, Dale ticks through 15 Trump lies that were the “most.”

And in a companion video, Dale chose four that he said tell a story, including his pick for the most dangerous lie.

“I think it’s obvious what the most dangerous lie of the Trump presidency was,” Dale said, adding “Really, it was a family of lies. It was his lies about COVID-19.”

“There was the lie that the virus that is much deadlier than the flu was equivalent to the flu,” Dale continued, punctuating his comments with clips of Trump’s lies.

Dale also identified “The lie that the pandemic situation, which was always out of control was quote ‘totally under control'” and that “the virus that was spreading more and more widely was disappearing.”

“All of these claims suggested to Americans that they didn’t have to change much about their behavior, and many of them did not,” Dale said. “Now we can’t quantify how things would have been different had the president been more honest, but we’re at more than 390,000 American deaths, and it’s more than reasonable to venture that at least some of them would have been avoided if Trump had told the truth.”

Watch above via CNN.

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