CNN’s Van Jones Calls Chris Christie ‘Big Kamikaze’ Running To Take Down Trump


CNN analyst Van Jones said former New Jersey Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie is a “big kamikaze” candidate running to take down ex-President Donald Trump — and even suggested a nickname to underscore it.

Christie officially jumped into the race Tuesday with a campaign event in New Hampshire, and on Wednesday morning’s edition of CNN This Morning, Jones said he will enjoy watching the “big kamikaze” go after Trump:

VAN JONES: Well, here’s what I think the best hope for Republicans is if they don’t want to have to deal with Donald Trump going forward is. You get people in there that throw their best punches. And then what happened in our party was Bernie Sanders got out ahead. The first person that beat Bernie anywhere was Biden. Everybody dropped out. And then you were able to get past Bernie. The only wish, you can say if that’s good or that’s bad. In this case, somebody got to beat Trump someplace and the rest of them got to drop out. But in the meantime, you don’t know who that’s going to be.

And so you might have a big kamikaze candidate right now, which is what I would say. Chris Christie is likely to be, Chris “Kamikaze” Christie.

He is going to take Donald Trump on head on and prosecute this guy. And he is a top-notch prosecutor. And so Trump would have to deal with a prosecutor on stage with him at some point, I would imagine. And that could open the lane for somebody else. Chris Christie is not going to get the nomination, but I’m glad he’s in the race.

PHIL MATTINGLY: I love the fact that, like Chris Christie is going to call Van like 15 minutes after the show, he’ll be like “Here’s why you’re wrong about me being a kamikaze!”

Last year, the Asian American Journalists Association and Military Veterans in Journalism released a statement urging newsrooms to avoid the use of the term “kamikaze” in coverage of Ukraine, in part saying the use of the term to describe certain drones “risks exacerbating the racism and harassment that the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has already faced, and continues to face, during the coronavirus pandemic.”

But personalities on all 3 cable news networks have adopted the terminology in discussing Christie’s bid.

Watch above via CNN This Morning.

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