Chris Christie

Chris Christie Details How ‘Riffraff’ Derailed Trump’s Transition: It Was a ‘Boatload of Sebastian Gorkas’

Chris Christie Dishes on How Jared Kushner ‘Tried to Stop’ Him By Crashing Meetings And Leaking

Chris Christie Book: Trump Surrounded By ‘Amateurs, Grifters, Weaklings, Convicted and Unconvicted Felons’

Chris Christie’s New Political Tell-All About Trump’s Inner Circle is a Jared Kushner Bash-Fest

Chris Christie Says Trump Like ’72-year Old Relative’ Convinced He’s Right: You Can’t ‘Manage the President’

Add Chris Christie to the Growing List of People That Do Not Want to Be Trump’s Chief of Staff

Dan Abrams on Cohen Memo: ‘I Think They Might Actually Seek to Indict Trump’

Laura Ingraham: Chris Christie Should Replace Jeff Sessions as AG

Chris Christie on Menendez Win: People Didn’t Like Him, But They ‘Didn’t Like the President More’

Chris Christie: Trump’s Administration Has ‘Never Recovered’ From Botched Transition

Chris Christie Clashes With Sunny Hostin on Kavanaugh: ‘Don’t Interrupt Me, Save That For The View’

Chris Christie and NYT’s Michelle Goldberg Clash Over Op-Ed: ‘You Have No Respect for the President!’

Christie Swipes at Sessions Over Immigration Crisis: Trump ‘Enormously Ill-Served’ by DOJ

Chris Christie Rebuts Trump’s Manafort Claim: Not DOJ’s Job to Vet Your Campaign

Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Chris Christie: ‘You Can’t Argue’ That the Mueller Probe ‘Hasn’t Been Effective So Far’

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Talk Trump’s Latest Denials of Stormy Affair: It ‘Makes Even Less Sense’

Chris Christie Sticks NJ Taxpayers With $85,000 Bill for Official Portrait

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Fact Check Trump: ‘Attorney-Client Privilege is Not Dead’

Chris Christie Says EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Needs to Go: ‘I Don’t Know How You Survive This’

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