Chris Christie

White House Aides Reportedly Showing Trump Selective Polls ‘To Make Him Feel Good’

Former Trump Aide Says He Made Up Story About Christie Fetching McDonald’s for Trump

Sports Radio Host Craig Carton Speaks Out After Being Charged in Ponzi Scheme: ‘It is Killing Me’

Face the Nation Corrects Tweet Saying Chris Christie Confirms Trump’s Not Under Investigation

LIVE STREAM President Trump Gives Comments On The Opioid Crisis

Chris Christie Had To Edit Opioid Report to 1/3 Size so Trump Would Read It

Chris Christie Rips NFL For Efforts to Block Sports Gambling: ‘What Are You Kidding Me?!’

WATCH: Trump’s Opioid Crisis Committee Hearing LIVE STREAM

Watch Paul Ryan Roast Trump, Schumer, Others at Al Smith Dinner

Chris Christie Slams Jimmy Kimmel Over Health Care Monologue: ‘He’s Not a Serious Person on This’

Chris Christie Blasts MSNBC and Rachel Maddow on Morning Joe

Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton’s Being a ‘Sore Loser’

Christie Fires Back at Bannon: This Is ‘His Last 15 Minutes of Fame’

Chris Christie Reportedly in Talks with CNN and MSNBC About a Contributor Gig

Steve Bannon: Disloyalty After Access Hollywood Cost Chris Christie a Cabinet Spot

Chris Christie Says He Wouldn’t Have Pardoned Joe Arpaio

Ted Cruz Snaps Back at Christie: Some Politicians ‘Really Desperate to Get Their Names in the News’

Et Tu? Chris Christie Now Expressing Disappointment in Trump: ‘We Haven’t Gotten Things Done’

Chris Christie Warns Texas Lawmakers Who Voted Against Sandy Relief: ‘Don’t Play Politics’

Chris Christie Pulls Out of Running For Sports Radio Gig Shortly After Report Saying He Wasn’t Being Considered

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