Chris Christie

Chris Christie: SDNY is ‘Trying to Build a Case’ to Indict Trump When He Leaves Office

Chris Cuomo Battles Chris Christie Over Fallout From Cohen Hearing: Trump’s ‘Lying to Your Face!’

Chris Christie’s Devastating Point on Cohen Hearing: Republicans Haven’t Defended Trump ‘On The Substance’

Chris Christie Reveals Trump Asked Him ‘Is It Over?’ After Access Hollywood Tape Dropped

Chris Christie: New Subpoenas Of Trump Inaugural Committee ‘Much More Serious Threat to the Administration’ Than Mueller

Chris Christie Says He’d Endorse Trump Over Any Potential Primary Challenger

Chris Christie Tells Trump to ‘Turn Off the TV’ After Report He’s Been Maxing Out Executive Time

Chris Christie: Access Hollywood Tape One of the Few Times I’ve Ever Seen Trump ‘Genuinely Embarrassed’

Trump Shades Chris Christie, Other Tell-All Authors: ‘I’m in the White House, & They’re Not!’

Chris Christie is Not Ruling Out Running for President Again

Chris Christie: ‘What the Hell Was Somebody Like Omarosa Ever Doing in the White House?’

CNN’s David Gregory Knocks Jared Kushner’s ‘Pity Party for His Father’: Chris Christie is Right

Chris Christie Smacks Steve Bannon: He Wouldn’t Know the Lord’s Work ‘If it Hit Him Across the Forehead’

The View Confronts Christie on Why He Backed Trump: He Trashed You Over Bridgegate, ‘Those Are Shots Fired!’

Watch: Stephen Colbert Brutally Asks Chris Christie ‘Who Likes You?’

Chris Christie: ‘The President Blew It’ by Shutting Down Government ‘With No Plan’

Chris Christie Tears Into Jared Kushner’s Father: ‘One of the Most Loathsome, Disgusting Crimes That I Prosecuted…’

Chris Christie Doesn’t Think Mueller is ‘Almost Done’: ‘I Don’t Think He is Ending on Roger Stone’

Chris Christie: Trump Thought ‘Russia Thing’ Was ‘All Over’ After He Fired Flynn

Chris Christie: ‘A Very Disturbing Day For Some Senior Members of the Trump Campaign’

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