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Chris Christie

Christie Swipes at Sessions Over Immigration Crisis: Trump ‘Enormously Ill-Served’ by DOJ

Chris Christie Rebuts Trump’s Manafort Claim: Not DOJ’s Job to Vet Your Campaign

Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Chris Christie: ‘You Can’t Argue’ That the Mueller Probe ‘Hasn’t Been Effective So Far’

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Talk Trump’s Latest Denials of Stormy Affair: It ‘Makes Even Less Sense’

Chris Christie Sticks NJ Taxpayers With $85,000 Bill for Official Portrait

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Fact Check Trump: ‘Attorney-Client Privilege is Not Dead’

Chris Christie Says EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Needs to Go: ‘I Don’t Know How You Survive This’

Chris Christie: Kellyanne Has ‘Gotten a Bad Rap’ Because of ‘Some Really Awful People Inside’ WH

Christie: If Trump Has No Confidence in Jeff Sessions He ‘Has to Act’

Chris Christie: Hope Hicks Deserves Credit for Doing ‘The Noble Thing’

Chris Christie: GOP War Against FBI ‘Long Term Problem For Our Party if We Continue This’

Chris Christie Reportedly Hired By ABC News as a Political Contributor

Chris Christie: ‘I Absolutely Believe If Trump Had Not Gotten Into Race’ I’d Be President

Christie: If Trump Didn’t Become President, He Probably Would Have Sued His Accusers

Chris Christie Gets Testy With Nicolle Wallace: ‘Do You Work for Mueller Now?’

White House Aides Reportedly Showing Trump Selective Polls ‘To Make Him Feel Good’

Former Trump Aide Says He Made Up Story About Christie Fetching McDonald’s for Trump

Sports Radio Host Craig Carton Speaks Out After Being Charged in Ponzi Scheme: ‘It is Killing Me’

Face the Nation Corrects Tweet Saying Chris Christie Confirms Trump’s Not Under Investigation

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