Van Jones

Van Jones Credits Trump WH For Criminal Justice Reform Success: Jared Kushner Was ‘Bleeding For This’

CNN’s Van Jones Praises Trump for Criminal Justice Reform Passing Senate: He ‘Has to Get the Credit’

Kirsten Gillibrand on Trump: ‘I’m Not Afraid of His Nasty Language’

CNN’s David Chalian Says Trump ‘Dismantling’ a ‘Pillar of Democracy’ by Questioning Vote, Ignores Dem Senators Doing Same

Van Jones Gives Trump ‘Salute’ and ‘Applause’ After Backing Prison Reform Measure

Van Jones: ‘My Heart Has Been Restored’

Van Jones: ‘This Is Heartbreaking’

CNN’s Van Jones on Fox News Pulling Trump’s Ad: ‘There’s Something Wrong’ When Even Fox Can’t Show It

Van Jones Defends Jared Kushner Interview: People Wanted Me to ‘Cut Him Off’ or ‘Beat Him Up’

Van Jones Questions Jared Kushner’s ‘Very Small Resume’: ‘Why Should We Have Confidence in You?’

Kushner Reveals to CNN’s Van Jones What He Told Saudi Crown Prince About Khashoggi Killing

S.E. Cupp: Trump’s Handling of the Saudis Amid Uproar Over Khashoggi is a ‘Grotesque Calculation’ of Human Life

Van Jones Hits Dems ‘Spun Up’ About Impeaching Trump: ‘We Might Have a Problem in This Party’

Ex-Trump Adviser Accuses Chris Cuomo of Disrespecting First Responders in Heated Clash Over Puerto Rico

CNN’s Van Jones: ‘Zero Difference’ Between Laura Ingraham’s Demographics Talk and Neo-Nazi’s Message

CNN’s Van Jones: Kavanaugh ‘Not the Worst, But He’s the Best of a Horrible List’

Kim Kardashian Reveals to Van Jones Why Kanye ‘Loves’ Trump

Chris Cuomo, David Urban Blow Up Over Trump Eagles Snub: ‘Do You Believe Patriotism is Jingoism?’

Van Jones Slams Trump for Making Roseanne Controversy About Himself: ‘At Least Try to Speak to the Pain’

Van Jones Praises ABC For Firing ‘Rank Bigot’ Roseanne: ‘Some Things Apparently Are More Important Than Money’

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