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CNN’s Van Jones: Kavanaugh ‘Not the Worst, But He’s the Best of a Horrible List’

Kim Kardashian Reveals to Van Jones Why Kanye ‘Loves’ Trump

Chris Cuomo, David Urban Blow Up Over Trump Eagles Snub: ‘Do You Believe Patriotism is Jingoism?’

Van Jones Slams Trump for Making Roseanne Controversy About Himself: ‘At Least Try to Speak to the Pain’

Van Jones Praises ABC For Firing ‘Rank Bigot’ Roseanne: ‘Some Things Apparently Are More Important Than Money’

Van Jones Defends Decision to Work With Kushner on Prison Reform: ‘We Got 99 Conflicts But Prisons Ain’t One’

Van Jones Says Scott Pruitt is Implementing ‘Child-Killing Deregulations’ and Should Be Fired

Van Jones On Trump’s ‘Divisive,’ ‘Stupid’ Proposal to Execute Drug Dealers: ‘Complete Nonstarter’

Oprah Offers Advice on Surviving ‘Darkness’ of Trump’s America: Be ‘A Warrior of the Light’

CNN Panel Plays ‘What If Obama Did This’ Game With Trump Porn Star Story: ‘He’d Be in Guantanamo’

Van Jones: If Obama Had a Week Like Trump Just Did, People Would’ve Taken to the Streets

CNN Panel Grills the Hell Out of Kingston Over Comments About FL Students: ‘Come On, Jack’

Van Jones Asks Meghan McCain if Her Father Choosing Sarah Palin as Running Mate Led to Trump

Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins: Going to White House for Photo Op ‘Not Worth My Time’

Van Jones Tears Into Trump’s SOTU: ‘Sweet-Tasting Candy With Poison In It’

Van Jones: America Would ‘Be a Lot Better Off’ If Trump Were More Like Jay-Z

Jay-Z Slams Trump for ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Remarks: ‘Hurtful’

Van Jones and Jason Miller Slug it Out in Heated ‘Sh*thole’ Debate: ‘Don’t try to Bait Me’

Van Jones Confronts Sean Spicer: My Kids Would Watch You And Say ‘Daddy, That’s Not True’

CNN’s Van Jones: We Have a President ‘Who Just Doesn’t Believe in The First Amendment’

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