CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp Under Fire as a Top Colleague Resigns, Urges ‘Independent’ Probe Into Groping Allegations Against Schlapp

Matt Schlapp

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The vice chairman of the board of the American Conservative Union has announced his resignation, while reportedly calling for the organization to investigate more of the sexual misconduct allegations raised against their chairman, Matt Schlapp.

For months, the parent company behind CPAC has been overshadowed by allegations that Schlapp groped a Herschel Walker campaign staffer last year, for which Schlapp is being sued for $9.4 million. Schlapp has denied the accusation, though separate claims have said that he made unwanted physical advances toward others on multiple occasions in the last few years.

The Washington Post reported that Charlie Gerow sent his fellow ACU board members a letter on Friday to not only announce his departure, but also “called on them to authorize an investigation including any additional allegations that they or staff have become aware of.”

The Post also obtained a statement from Gerow after he sent his letter:

I will continue to pray that the difficulties they are encountering will be dealt with openly and honestly. I am calling on my former colleagues to authorize an independent investigation into the charges against Matt Schlapp, to conduct an independent forensic audit of the organizations finances, to obtain a written opinion of counsel that the organization is in full compliance with its own bylaws and all applicable law and to thoroughly review all the exit interviews of the large number of staff who have recently left.

Schlapp didn’t respond to the Post’s request for comment, but they did receive a retort from ACU executive committee member Matt Smith.

These allegations are completely fabricated and represent a blatant attempt by Mr. Gerow and disgruntled individuals to force Mr. Schlapp to step down…Only when it became clear that he was not going to be reelected to the board did he fabricate these false allegations.

Aside from the misconduct allegations, ACU has also been bogged down by concerns about the alleged misuse of the organization’s funds.

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