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Matt Schlapp Roasted for Scolding Katy Tur’s Trump Fact-Check as Example of ‘Literally Unhinged’ Media

Fox News’s Outnumbered Trashes Clinton Foundation Over News NY AG is Suing Trump Foundation

CNN’s Camerota Pummels Matt Schlapp on Unproven ‘SpyGate’ Claim: ‘You’re Not Answering My Question’

Matt Schlapp, Richard Fowler Clash Over Israel/Gaza Media Coverage: ‘This is Absurd!’

The View Hits Schlapps For Hypocrisy: Bemoaning WHCD While Defending McCain Joke is ‘Disgusting’

Twitter Excoriates Matt Schlapp Over Comment That Journos Shouldn’t Call Trump Out For Lying: ‘That’s Literally Our Job’

CNN’s Cuomo and Camerota Pummel Matt Schlapp For Hypocrisy of His WHCD Outrage in Insane Clash

Hope Hicks’ Replacement Could Reportedly Be Mercy Schlapp or Tony Sayegh, Who Have Been Gutting Each Other

Matt Schlapp Accuses Chris Cuomo of Calling John Kelly a Liar: ‘I’ll Do It Right to Your Face’

Matt Schlapp and Matt Dowd Get in Fierce Twitter Spat: ‘You Have No Principles’

Meghan McCain Forcefully Confronts Matt Schlapp Over CPAC Booing Her Dad: I’m ‘So Upset and Hurt’

Michael Steele Confronts Matt Schlapp Over CPAC Official’s Racial Insult: ‘What the Hell?!’

Meghan McCain Fires Back After Matt Schlapp Defends CPAC Booing Her Dad

Alisyn Camerota Battles CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp Over ‘Divisive’ Wayne LaPierre Speech

Matt Schlapp Justifies Retweeting and Thanking Pizzagate Conspiracist: ‘I Respond to Lots of People’

The CPAC Speakers List Is Here and People Have Questions: ‘Le Pen??’

Matt Schlapp Swipes at Romney’s ‘Pathetic’ Senate Bid: ‘Learn How to Knit’ or Something

Hallie Jackson Grills Matt Schlapp On Porter Scandal: Is Your Wife ‘Comfortable’ Working in WH?

CNN’s John Berman Pummels Matt Schlapp Over Nunes Memo: ‘Where is Your Proof?!’

Camerota Roasts Schlapp: ‘Conservatives Don’t Care Anymore About Extramarital Affairs?’

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