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Matt Schlapp Lashes Out at Matthew Dowd on This Week: ‘Quit Saying I’m a Liar!’

Matt Schlapp on GOPers Trying to ‘Weasel Out’ of Obamacare Promises: ‘It’s Pitchfork Time’

‘That is a Lie!’ Navarro and Schlapp Slug It Out Over Trump’s Penchant for Untruths

‘You’re Wrong About the Science!’ Chris Cuomo and Matt Schlapp Get Heated on Abortion

American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp: Jeff Flake Shouldn’t Claim to Speak for Conservatives

Nicolle Wallace and Matt Schlapp Spar Over Don Jr. Statement: ‘Can’t Sit Here and Lie!’

CNN’s Acosta: There’s Been an ‘Erosion of Our Freedoms in Terms of Covering the President’

Matt Schlapp: ‘There’ll Be Hell to Pay’ if Republicans Don’t Pass a Health Care Bill

‘I’m Not an Ugly Dog’: Matt Schlapp and David Frum Get Nasty on CNN’s New Day

‘You Sound Like a Crazy Christian Preacher!’ Matt Schlapp Slaps Donny Deutsch

‘You’re Trying to Spin it Every Chance You Get!’ Cuomo Slaps Schlapp on Russia Probe

‘You Don’t Get to Tell Other People What Racism Is!’: MSNBC Panel Blows Up Over Sean Spicer

‘A Different Level of Lying’: Bill Maher and Matt Schlapp Face Off Over Trump

‘Are We Seriously Wagering?’: Brooke Baldwin Reacts to Guest Wanting to Bet on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

‘What Is Jeff Sessions Guilty Of?’: Matt Schlapp and MSNBC Anchor Face Off

The Opposition Party is ‘Always Wrong’: Steve Bannon Slams the Media During CPAC Panel

Bannon: ‘The Mainstream Media Better Understand’ That All of Trump’s Promises Will Be Implemented

‘There Are Boundaries’: Matt Schlapp Speaks Out on Yiannopoulos’s CPAC Disinvitation

CPAC Organizer: ‘Without Dissent,’ Everyone Agreed Disinviting Milo Was Right Thing to Do

‘Don’t Tell Me to Stop!’: Ana Navarro Fights with Trump Supporter in Heated CNN Exchange

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