Documents Detailing Secret U.S.-Ukraine War Plan Against Russia Leaked on Social Media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during a visit to the UK

Press Association via AP Images.

According to Biden administration officials, classified war documents have been leaked on social media that present U.S. and NATO’s secret plan to assist Ukraine’s military before it an offensive against Russian troops, per a report in The New York Times.

The plan contains photographed charts that outline troop and battalion strengths and anticipated weapon deliveries. It also shows the expenditures of HIMARS, a long-range artillery rocket system, and how quickly the Ukrainian military is using its munitions that previously were not shared by the Pentagon.

Other documents have columns that list Ukrainian troops’schedules from January to April. It also includes a summarized assembly of 12 combat brigades, nine of which are trained by U.S. and NATO allies. The documents note that the speed of delivering the equipment would affect brigades’ readiness and training as three are expected to be engaged by April 30.

The leaks do not contain exact battle plans, but they present the first known breach of U.S. intelligence since the start of the Ukraine invasion.

The documents were leaked on Twitter and Telegram. Administration officials are not sure how they ended up online.

Military analysts stated that some original documents which document Ukrainian and Russian casualties have been modified behind a Moscow disinformation effort.

As of Thursday evening, Biden officials have not managed to get the circulating documents taken down.

“We are aware of the reports of social media posts and the department is reviewing the matter,” said Sabrina Singh, the deputy press secretary at the Pentagon.

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