Manafort Indicted on 12 Counts Including Conspiracy Against the United States

Oops! Rick Perry Falls For Russian Pranksters, Gives Them 22-Minute Phony Interview

Former Clinton Campaign Spokesperson Karen Finney Denies DNC Collusion with Ukraine

Ukraine Launches Simpsons GIF in Bizarre Twitter War With Russia

Paul Manafort Registering with US Government as Foreign Agent

Hacked Texts Show Paul Manafort’s Daughter Was Concerned by Their ‘Blood Money’

Paul Manafort Confirms He Got Blackmail Threats About Russian Interests

Trump Lawyer Gives Two Contradicting Stories When Asked If He Delivered Secret Russia Doc

Watch This Incredible Footage of a Fistfight Breaking Out in a Government Meeting

Pence Says Trump Knew That Russia Invaded Crimea. Here’s What Trump Actually Said.

Trump Campaign Chair Directly Linked to Pro-Kremlin Lobbying Effort

Report: Trump Chairman Manafort Helped ‘Lay the Groundwork’ for Russian Invasion of Crimea

Report: Trump Chairman Manafort Helped Pro-Russian Party Route $2.2 Million to US Lobbyists

Trump Campaign Intervened to Weaken Anti-Putin Stance in GOP Platform

Politician Lifts Up Prime Minister by the Crotch and a Fight Breaks Out

Chewbacca Arrested By Ukrainian Police For Supporting Darth Vader

Obama Grilled on Putin on 60 Minutes: ‘He’s Challenging Your Leadership’

WATCH: Senior Ukrainian Officials Arrested on Live TV

McCain on Ukraine: ‘I’m Ashamed’ of My Country, My President, Myself

Sen. Inhofe Blames ‘Ukrainian Delegation’ for Providing Him with Bogus War Atrocity Photos

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