BREAKING: Fauci Estimates Covid Vaccine Will Be Widely Available for All Who Want It by April 2021


Dr. Anthony Fauci joined Jake Tapper Tuesday to discuss the encouraging news from Pfizer on a vaccine breakthrough.

And Tapper asked a key question that millions of Americans would like to know the answer to: when will people who are not on the high-priority list get access to a vaccine?

“I’m not high on the priority list. When will I be able to get the vaccine, when would my family be able to get the vaccine?” Tapper asked. “Do you think by May, by June? What are we talking?”

“We’re talking probably by April, the end of April, I would think,” Fauci encouragingly said.

He clarified that he is making an estimate but believes it will happen “within the first quarter.”

The problem, he added, is that “we have a lot of people in this country who may not want to get vaccinated right away.”

“That’s why we were talking that it might take well into the second and third quarter to finally get people to be convinced to get vaccinated. But for those who want to be vaccinated — and I believe the incentive to get vaccinated will be greatly enhanced by the degree of efficacy… if Jake Tapper wants to get vaccinated, I think you’re going to get vaccinated within the first four months. I would say by April you’ll be able to get vaccinated,” Fauci said.

Tapper commended the work of the Trump administration task force on this public health issue.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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