Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper Rips Trump During Impassioned Monologue: ‘Unpatriotic… Un-American’

CNN’s Jake Tapper: The Media Was ‘Much More Supportive’ of Obama

Tapper: Seems Easier for Trump to Attack Intel Agencies Than to Condemn Nazis

Charlottesville Mayor: ‘We Just Aren’t Seeing Leadership From the White House’

‘You Just Decried Both Sides!’ Tapper Grills WH Advisor Bossert on Charlottesville

Tapper Hits Trump Over ‘Fire and Fury’ Rant: ‘May Not Be the Best Time to Improvise’

Tapper: Trump Retweeting Fox News Story Based on Leaks ‘Could Feed Into Impression of Hypocrisy’

Jake Tapper on Trump TV: ‘It’s Not Real and It’s Not News’

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake Defends His Trump Critique: ‘More Important Than a Political Career’

Tapper: Don Jr. Statement Dictated by President Trump Was ‘So Misleading as to Be a Lie’

Christie on Confrontation With Cubs Fan: ‘If You Give It, You’re Gonna Get It Back’

Bernie Sanders: Trump ‘Wants to Sabotage Health Care in America’

Mulvaney: Senate Shouldn’t ‘Move On’ Until Health Care Gets Done

Jake Tapper Confronts Dem Congresswoman Over Tweet Calling Gen. John Kelly an ‘Extremist’

Scaramucci Friend and Reported Publicist Deletes Tweets Suggesting Priebus Mistress

Tapper Rips White House: ‘None of All of This Madness Does Anything to Make America Bleeping Great Again’

Jake Tapper Torches Kurt Schlichter on Twitter Over McCain Critique

Jake Tapper: White House Drama More Like ‘Melrose Place‘ Than ‘Game of Thrones

Tapper: ‘How Much Longer Will the Attorney General Be Able to Take All This Trolling?’

Hannity Urges Viewers to Troll ‘Fake News’ Tapper and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Stelter on Twitter

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