Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper on Hillary, Sherrod Brown Challenging GA Vote: Is That Any Different From What Trump is Doing?

Jake Tapper, CNN Panel Debate if Mueller Probe is Nearing End: ‘Yes, Mr. President, Winter is Coming’

Jake Tapper Tears Into Trump’s Voter Fraud ‘Fever Dream’: No Evidence of What He’s Saying

Jake Tapper and Panel Stunned by Melania’s Call for WH Official to Go: ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Hits CNN’s Jake Tapper For Downplaying ‘Blue Wave’

Jake Tapper on Sessions Firing: The ‘Slow-Motion Saturday Night Massacre’ Continues

Jake Tapper Shreds Trump ‘Dancing on the Graves’ of Defeated Republicans: ‘That’s How Gangsters Act’

Jake Tapper: If Trump Thinks Media is Annoying, Wait Until He Meets Dem House With Subpoena Power

Jake Tapper: ‘This Is Not a Blue Wave’

Jake Tapper: If Early Exit Poll Results Hold Up, ‘This is A Rebuke of President Trump’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Shreds Trump’s ‘Blatant Lies’ Ahead of Midterms: ‘As Nonsensical as It is Dystopian’

Jake Tapper Pushes Stacey Abrams on Gun Policy: Do You Support Taking Away Assault Weapons from ‘Law-Abiding’ Owners?

Jake Tapper Battles RNC Chair Over Trump’s Anti-Immigration Video: ‘It’s Factually Inaccurate and Racially Incendiary’

Jake Tapper Seethes Over Trump’s Misleading ‘Policy Announcement’: He Just Regurgitated His Campaign Speech

Trump Rebuked Over ‘Racist, Vile Climate’ in Feisty CNN Segment: ‘This is in the DNA of America’

Colbert Blasts Trump’s Attacks on the Media: He’s ‘More Afraid of Jake Tapper Than Kim Jong Un’

James Clapper to Jake Tapper on Bomb Scares: ‘To Me, This is Domestic Terrorism’

Jeff Flake Responds to Trump’s ‘Unknown Middle Easterners’ Tweet: ‘A Canard and a Fear Tactic’

Ron DeSantis Laughed at After Dodging Question on Trump Being a Good Role Model at CNN Debate

Jake Tapper Responds to Trump’s Florida Debate Tweet: ‘Thanks for Watching CNN, Mr. President!’

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