Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper Surgically Cuts Bill O’Reilly Down to Size After Failed Twitter Troll

Jake Tapper Laments How Soldiers’ Deaths Are Now Just a ‘Piece of Ammunition in the Snark Wars’

Tapper Calls Out Fox News Hypocrisy on Weinstein Coverage: Harassment ‘Part of the Culture’

Gretchen Carlson: ‘Incredibly Proud’ If I Gave Any of Weinstein’s Accusers Courage to Speak Out

Putin’s ‘Chef’ Funded Russian Troll Factory, CNN Reports

Tapper: ‘At Some Point, the President’s Going to Have to Choose’ Between Bannon and McConnell

Tillerson on Whether Trump Has ‘Castrated’ Him: ‘I Checked, I’m Fully Intact’

Rex Tillerson Once Again Does Not Deny Calling President Trump a Moron

Jake Tapper: ‘Torches in the Street’ Had Obama Threatened Fox News’ License

Jake Tapper: Trump ‘Doesn’t Seem to Understand That the Biggest Purveyor’ of Fake News ‘Is Him’

Tapper Rips ‘Media Complicity’ in Weinstein Scandal: ‘Assault and Rape on Their Hands’

Jake Tapper Holds Up Pocket Constitution in Response to Trump’s Attacks on Press

Email Prankster Apparently Fooled Both Harvey Weinstein and His Ex-Adviser Lisa Bloom

Jake Tapper: ‘Morally Bankrupt’ to Condemn One Sexual Harasser But Not Another Because of Politics

Jake Tapper Appears to Take Shots at NBC For ‘Media Complicity’ in Harvey Weinstein Story

Tapper: Was Trump Doing the Old ‘Look, a Squirrel!’ Trick With ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Comment?

Tapper: If WH Thinks the Press Should Be More Responsible with the Truth, What About Trump?

Democratic Rep. Rips Congress’ ‘Hypocritical’ Moment of Silence for Vegas: ‘For the Headlines’

Jake Tapper: There’s Clearly ‘Obvious Tension’ Between Trump and Tillerson

Tapper Confronts Mulvaney on Trump’s ‘#FakeNews’ Puerto Rico Tweets: Do You Think Stories Are Fake?

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