Good News: Malaysian Schoolgirl Sews PPE Gowns and Donates to Local Hospital Amid Coronavirus 


Malaysian girl sewing ppe

A schoolgirl in Malaysia has sewn and donated over 130 PPE gowns to local hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic, promising to contribute even more now that schoolwork has decreased, Reuters reported.

“I felt bad, so I told my mom I wanted to help,” said 9-year-old Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri, who volunteered to sew PPE supplies after hearing the local hospitals were running low.

Zamzuri began her sewing business by patching up pillowcases and clothes for friends and family, and her mother Hasnah Hud is a tailor, explaining her interest in the craft.

She makes four gowns a day, sewing as a break between her online classes, and has now made more than 130 gowns for two hospitals nearby.

Zamzuri, whose family is Muslim, has not even let fasting for Ramadan slow her down and begins to sew after suhoor, the pre-dawn meal.

“She said ‘Mom, I think I have no school work so I want to sew more’,” Hasnah told Reuters, noting that Zamzuri became even more motivated once she saw pictures of medical professionals wearing her gowns.

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