Joe Scarborough Calls Out ‘Racist’ Pattern Republican Attacks About Black People: Not a Dog Whistle, ‘It’s a Foghorn’


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough pointed out a pattern of Republican attacks over issues that “have to do with Black people,” and told viewers it’s not just a racist dog whistle, “It’s a foghorn.”

On Tuesday morning’s edition of Morning Joe, Scarborough wrapped up a panel about the Virginia governor’s race by noting that elections in places like Connecticut “are devolving into fights over critical race theory, when it’s never been taught in school there.”

Scarborough added that “It is just sheer insanity. It’s also racist. It really is just, it’s race-baiting of the worst kind.”

He then told co-host Mika Brzezinski that “since Biden got elected, I mean, there have been three or four sorts of themes that have been running through Republican media, and they all have to do with Black people.”

“It’s really it’s fascinating, isn’t it?” Scarborough asked, turning to panelist Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post. “There have been four different… steps. First, I don’t know if it was wokeness and then it… was critical race theory.”

“But there have been, like, three or four and it’s like every two months is like, ‘OK, let’s change the new line of attack about Black people and how they’re taking over our schools or how they’re taking over our education,'”  Scarborough said. “It’s really, it’s not a dog whistle anymore, folks. It’s a foghorn.”

A chuckling Robinson agreed, and said “I mean, what a coincidence that it all has to do with Black people, and that Toni Morrison is the wedge issue in Virginia, absolutely incredible!”

Robinson went on to add that “It is a foghorn. It is a train whistle on race. And that’s just what we’re seeing from Republicans time and time again across the country. And that’s how they’re ginning up their base.”

Republican candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin is now running an attack ad featuring a woman who objected to Morrison’s seminal novel Beloved being assigned to her son when he was a high school senior. Former Governor and current Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have allowed parents to block their kids from reading certain “instructional materials” if they were too graphic or explicit.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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