Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski Blames Khashoggi’s Death on Trump For Calling Press ‘The Enemy’: We Won’t Let This Go

Joe Scarborough Predicts Trump Won’t Seek Reelection in 2020: ‘He Didn’t Want To Be Elected President’

Morning Joe Slams Trump’s 60 Minutes Hit: Came Off as ‘Big Baby’; ‘Ill-Equipped and Unfit to Lead’

Morning Joe Shreds Kavanaugh For His Defense of ‘Sharp’ Hearing: He ‘Cried Like a Baby’

Mika Brzezinski to Kellyanne: If Ford is Being Treated Like a ‘Fabergé Egg’ Then Tell Your Assault Story and ‘See How Easy It Is’

Mika Brzezinski: Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Made Rotten to the Core’ by Trump Presidency

Mika on Trump’s Low Poll Numbers: ‘Potpourri of Issues Where This President is Repugnant’

SPOTTED: Mika Brzezinski Spends Entire Flight Watching Fox News

Scarborough: Is There Concern for Trump’s Mental Well Being? Woodward: ‘I am Not a Psychiatrist’

Scarborough: Trump and Supporters ‘Embarrassing Themselves’ Over Op-Ed, ‘This is Not Treason’

Mika Brzezinski Defends Boss Andy Lack: Trump Attacking With ‘Stupid Rumors’

Morning Joe Gets Heated: Michael Cohen ‘Wrapping Himself in the Holocaust’ to Explain Situation

Mika Brzezinski Calls Out Fox News: Are They Going to Ask Trump Real Questions?

Mika Brzezinski Cries After Watching Reagan Speech, Calls Laura Ingraham’s Remarks ‘Trashy, Very Ugly and Very Sad’

Joe Scarborough: It’s a Witch Hunt Where All The Witches Just Land on the Front Lawn

Mika Brzezinski Directly Addresses Trump For ‘Disgusting, Deranged, Abusive’ Immigration Policy

The Five Rips ‘Boring’ Mika Brzezinski For Calling Trump ‘Unhinged’: She’s ‘Jealous’ of His ‘Talent’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: Trump’s Latest Rally Proves He’s Mentally ‘Unhinged,’ And ‘Getting Worse by the Day’

Mika Brzezinski Issues Fiery Rebuke of Ivanka: Family Separation Not a ‘Low Point For You’, It’s a ‘National Disgrace’

Morning Joe Responds Live to Trump’s Ratings Attack: ‘Get Some Sleep. We’re Sad For You. He’s Not Doing Well’

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