Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski: Trump Presidency is ‘A Low Point in American History’

Scarborough Calls Fox News Lawsuit ‘Steaming Pile Of Poo’ — Also Threatens ‘Spanking’

‘Failure Friday’: Morning Joe Takes a Victory Lap After Health Care Implosion

Mika Brzezinski Cuts Deep: Trump Treating Sessions ‘Like Rosie O’Donnell’

Hannity Urges Viewers to Troll ‘Fake News’ Tapper and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Stelter on Twitter

‘Quite the Failure’: Mika and Joe Crow as Obamacare Repeal Dies

Sean Hannity Hits Back at ‘Liberal Joe’ Scarborough: ‘Sold His Soul Sheep TV’

Hannity Mocks Scarborough’s Hair: ‘Guess Mika’s Telling Him It Looks Really Cool’

Joe Scarborough Announces He’s Leaving Republican Party, Now Is an Independent

Mika Brzezinski Explains Trump Cabinet Willingness to Defend Indefensible: ‘They’re Under a Spell!’

Mika Brzezinski Questions Trump’s Sanity After Podesta Tweet: ‘What’s Going on in His Head?’

Morning Joe Ratings Surge Day After Trump’s Bleeding Facelift Tweet

Mika Brzezinski To Chris Christie: ‘Why Do You Think You’re Better Than Everybody Else?’

Chuck Todd, Tom Price Clash: Why Is Trump More Devoted to Twitter Fights than Health Care?

Scarborough: Trump ‘Asked 10 Times’ for Name of Brzezinski’s Doctor Before ‘Bleeding Facelift’ Tweet

Hannity: I’m So Sick of Joe and Mika, I’m ‘Very Very Close to Going “There”‘ With Them

Trump Calls Out ‘Crazy Joe’ and ‘Dumb as a Rock’ Mika In Neverending Twitter Feud

Dan Abrams: Trump Being Accused of Blackmail Far More ‘Astonishing’ Than Any Tweets

Dan Savage: Yesterday Trump ‘Became the Asshole He’s Always Been’

That Time Joe Scarborough Laughed at Donald Trump Mocking a Disabled NY Times Reporter

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