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MSNBC’s Deutsch Compares Trump Voters Who Support Border Policy to Nazi Guards

Scarborough Rips Tucker Carlson For Declaring ‘War’ on Media: Fox News Has ‘Swallowed the President’s Lies’

Morning Joe to Ivanka Trump: If You Actually Care About Kids, Get On a Plane To The Border Right Now

Mika Brzezinski Refuses to Hold Joe Scarborough’s Hand on MSNBC

Mika Brzezinski: Is It Okay Now to Say Trump Sounds Like He’s ‘Losing His Mind?’

Senator Calls on DHS Head Nielsen and Sarah Sanders to Resign in Blistering Rebuke: ‘They Have Sold Their Souls’

White House Blasts Joe Scarborough For Nazi Comparison: ‘Horribly Insulting’ to Holocaust Victims

‘Ignorant or a Liar’ : Morning Joe Rips Sarah Sanders For Biblical Defense of Trump Immigration Policy

Morning Joe: Even a Computer Would Conclude Donald Trump Admires Tyrants and Autocrats

Scarborough Rips ‘Ignorant Fool’ Mitch McConnell on Immigration: Knows ‘Nothing About Conservatism’

Joe Scarborough on Trump-Kim Summit: ‘I’ve Got to Admit… I Feel a Sense of Relief’

#Resistance Twitter Comes After Morning Joe For Hosts Criticizing De Niro ‘Helping Trump’ Get Re-Elected

Former CIA Director: Attacking Canada Before NoKo Summit Makes Trump Look ‘Unstable, Erratic and Thin Skinned’

Joe Scarborough Rips McConnell For Fawning Over ‘Un-Christ Like’ Trump: ‘Privately They All Trash Him’

Jeremy Bash Slams Trump Administration on Morning Joe: G7 Was ‘An Epic Foreign Policy Fail’

Morning Joe Astonished by Giuliani’s Talk About Stormy’s Looks: ‘Ugly’ Rudy is ‘Difficult to Look At’

Morning Joe Takes on ‘Scumbag’ Facelift Theories About Melania: ‘Repulsive, Disgraceful, Ridiculous’

Morning Joe: If Special Counsel So Unconstitutional Why Did Trump Repeatedly Demand One For Hillary?

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Slams Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky Interview: ‘My God, He Sounded Like Trump’

CNN’s Cuomo Scolds ‘Partisans’ Joe & Mika: ‘They Rode Trump Up and Now They’re Riding Him Down’

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