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MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Confronts Bernie Spox Over Obama Ad: ‘How Is That Not Misleading?’

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin took Bernie Sanders Deputy Campaign Manager Ari Rabin-Havt to task over the Independent Vermont senator’s deceptively-edited ad featuring stitched-together quotes from former President Barack Obama, asking him “How is that not misleading?”

“I want to ask you about this ad that you just put out in some of the aforementioned states that will vote on Tuesday, it’s the first ad featuring President Barack Obama,” Melvin said. “I’m going to play just a portion of it and then we’ll talk about it.”

Melvin played a portion of the ad that’s actually taken from a 2006 speech by then Senator Obama when he was campaigning for Sanders and congressional candidate Peter Welch. The ad cuts Obama off in mid-sentence in order to omit the reference to Welch, then jumps to an out-of-context snippet of Obama’s 2016 convention speech.

“You’ve taken the former president’s voice from different settings and edited that together, and you give the impression that President Obama is a Bernie guy,” Melvin said, then asked “How is that not misleading?”

“I don’t think it’s misleading, they are President Obama’s words about Bernie Sanders,” Rabin-Havt began.

“Ari, that’s disingenuous. That’s disingenuous,” Melvin interrupted.

“How is it disingenuous, they are his words about Bernie Sanders. How is that disingenuous?” Rabin-Havt said.

“Words taken from literally, as I understand it, three or four different speeches, over a span of five or six tears…” Melvin said, as Rabin-Havt interjected “Are they not words about Bernie Sanders? They’re words….”

“Why all of a sudden, five days before these six states you’ve got a neck and a neck race, does the anti-establishment candidate decide to fully embrace President Obama?” Melvin asked.

“Look, we run ads that show voters Bernie Sanders’ track record and contrast ourselves with our opponent. This is a ad that shows Bernie Sander’s track record and somebody else’s words about Bernie Sanders, it is a completely fair ad, one that shows an important aspect of Bernie sanders’ legacy,” Rabin-Havt said.

Two weeks ago, another Sanders spokesperson — national co-chair Nina Turner — blasted other candidates for featuring President Obama in their ads, urging them to “Run on your own record!”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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