Barack Obama

FLASHBACK: Trump Swiped at Obama for Having 3 Chiefs of Staff in Less Than 3 Years

Tapper: If Obama Made Comments Like Trump’s During Benghazi Investigation, There Would’ve Been Calls for Impeachment

The Obamas Remember ‘Patriot and Humble Servant’ George H.W. Bush

Michelle Obama: Voters Must ‘Figure Out What Kind of Moral Leadership’ We Demand in the White House

Obama’s WH Photographer Pete Souza: I’m Trying to Correct Trump’s ‘Lies and Falsehoods’ With Photographic Proof

Jon Favreau Reminds Everyone Media Had Meltdown When Obama ‘Politely’ Disagreed With Supreme Court Ruling

Meghan McCain: If Obama Had Shown ‘Disrespect’ For Military Trump Does, ‘My Head Would Have Exploded’

Trump Fires Back After Michelle Obama Says She Won’t Forgive His Birtherism: I Won’t Forgive Barack

Lou Dobbs: It’s a ‘Testament to the President’ That GOP Didn’t Lose More Seats in the House

Trump Once Labeled Obama ‘Disgrace’ for Campaigning on Taxpayer Dime. Trump Held 44 Rallies This Season.

CNN Panel Clashes Over Trump’s Racial Rhetoric Aimed at Obama: Obama Not ‘Victimless Here’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Doesn’t Understand Why Obama’s Fear-Mongering Doesn’t Get Same Scrutiny as Trump’s

Obama Mocks Trump for ‘Enough Indictments to Field a Football Team’: I Didn’t Have That Problem

Trump Touts How Long the Line Is Outside Rally Venue: My Lines and Crowds ‘Far Bigger’ Than Obama’s

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Economy Doing Really Well Under Trump, But ‘Wasn’t the Table Set by Barack Obama?’

Trump Responds to Obama Calling Out His Media Attacks: ‘Nobody Was Worse to the Press’ Than Him

President Trump Says He Watched Obama’s Rally Because He ‘Had Nothing Else To Do’

Obama: Trump Is Using the Military for ‘Political Stunt at the Border!’

Obama Decries Trump, GOP in Speech: He Vilifies Others and Now They Pretend to be Concerned About Civility?

Jesse Watters: No One Blamed Obama For ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’ When Cops Were Executed Under Him

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