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CNN’s Jake Tapper: The Media Was ‘Much More Supportive’ of Obama

Fox & Friends Chyron: ‘DEATH TO AMERICA!’

Trump Trolls Obama on Twitter: ‘Who is a Better President?’

Garry Kasparov Just Completely Owned NYT’s Charles Blow on Twitter

Twitter Honors Kayleigh McEnany’s New RNC Job by Resurrecting Her Classic Tweets

‘Trump TV’ Isn’t Even Close To Obama’s White House Propaganda

Bill Maher Has Obama Impersonator Read Trump Quotes: How Would the GOP React?

President Bill Clinton to President Barack Obama: ‘I Love a Good Balloon’

Eric Bolling: ‘Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures’

Back in 2012, Trump Criticized Obama for ‘3 Chief of Staffs in Less Than 3 Years’

John Boehner Used To ‘Sneak Into’ White House To Visit Obama

Roland Martin to Bolling: Obama Didn’t Play Golf While He Tried to Pass Health Care

With Obama Gone NRA Finds New Target — The Washington Post

Fox’s Pirro: ‘If the Devil Called’ With Oppo Research, Any Politician Would Take That Meeting

Fox’s Martha MacCallum: Where Was All the Democratic Outrage About Russia a Few Years Ago?

White House Reportedly Delays Rollout of ISIS Strategy Because It’s Too Similar To Obama’s Plan

Trump Administration Considering Shutting Down WH Council on Women and Girls

MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Clinton Would Be President If Obama Wasn’t Black

Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan Tangle Over Russia Investigation

Twitter Mocks CNN For Hard-Hitting Report On ‘Obama’s Jeans Game’

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