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CNN’s Victor Blackwell Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest Over Family Separation: POTUS Created the Problem!

Obama Gets Off the Sidelines, Denounces Border Policy in Lengthy Facebook Post: ‘We Have to Do More…’

Trump WH Official Mercedes Schlapp Criticized Obama in 2016 Over Possibility of Shaking Kim Jong Un’s Hand

Former Obama NatSec Adviser Susan Rice Blasts Trump Aide: He Wants to Start a War With Canada?

Trump Tears Into Obama at G-7: ‘He Allowed Russia to Take Crimea’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks: Is Trump Escalating Obama’s ‘War on Leaks’?

Twitter Reacts to DoJ’s Seizure of Reporter’s Phone Records: ‘Outrageous’

Ben Rhodes: The Government Can’t Control People’s Facebook Feeds and That Worries Me

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza Chokes After CNN’s Camerota Nails Him on Trump-Obama Double Standard

School Cheers When Kentucky Valedictorian Gives Inspirational Trump Quote… Until He Reveals It’s Obama

Clapper: Republicans Stood in the Way of Efforts to Warn U.S. About Russian Interference

New Memoir Reveals Obama’s Thoughts After Trump Won Election: ‘Maybe This Is What People Want’

Trump Rips Dems For Blaming Him For Obama-Era Immigrant Photos, Calls For ‘Bipartisan Bill’

Trump: Obama ‘Did Nothing’ on Russian Meddling ‘Because He Thought Crooked Hillary Was Going to Win’

Ex-Obama WH Photographer Working on a Book Contrasting Obama and Trump: SHADE

Former Trump Campaign Adviser Blasts ‘Conspiracy’ Theory of Spy on Campaign: ‘This Is Embarrassing’

Maria Bartiromo: ‘The DOJ, The FBI, The IRS, The CIA’ Were ‘All Involved in Trying to Take Down Donald Trump’

Sean Hannity Rips CNN’s Jim Acosta For Claiming He Was Tough on Obama With Clip of Softball Question

Jesse Watters on Trump Winning Nobel Peace Prize: Would Be ‘A Nice Trophy to Shove in The Left’s Face’

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Makes Dire Warning After Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal: ‘Dangerous Act’

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