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Trump Says Obama was a ‘Total Patsy’ for Russia

Ten Reasons the Media’s Freak-Out Over the Helsinki Debacle Isn’t Credible with Trump Voters

Obama Blasts ‘Political Leaders’ For ‘Utter Loss of Shame’ in South Africa Speech

WATCH: Fox News Debate Rages After Ex-Bush Staffer Rips Obama For Saying We Live in ‘Strange Times’

Mitt Romney Burns Obama in Statement Condemning Trump For Putin Presser

Jake Tapper Presses Dem Senator on Russian Meddling: Seems Obvious Obama Didn’t Do Enough

Jake Tapper: Seems Like Obama Admin Was a Little ‘Asleep at the Switch’ on Russian Hacking

The Barack Obama/Joe Biden Murder Mystery is Here

Twitter Purge Costs Obama Millions of Followers

Obama Tops List in New Poll Asking People Who’s the Best President of Their Lifetimes

Hannity Swipes at Obama to Praise Trump’s NATO Trip: ‘The Apology Tour Is Over’

Obama Speaks Out to Warn Democrats: ‘You Are Right to Be Concerned’

Meghan McCain Praises Obama For Sending Her Handwritten Letter After She Publicly Slammed Him

Cuomo Battles Antonio Sabato on Political Civility: How Does it Help When You Call Obama a Muslim?

New Report Details Obama’s Quiet Life in Trump Era: ‘Michelle and I Are Fine’

Roseanne Gets Emotional in Interview About ABC Cancellation, Racist Valerie Jarrett Tweet

CNN’s Victor Blackwell Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest Over Family Separation: POTUS Created the Problem!

Obama Gets Off the Sidelines, Denounces Border Policy in Lengthy Facebook Post: ‘We Have to Do More…’

Trump WH Official Mercedes Schlapp Criticized Obama in 2016 Over Possibility of Shaking Kim Jong Un’s Hand

Former Obama NatSec Adviser Susan Rice Blasts Trump Aide: He Wants to Start a War With Canada?

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