Barack Obama

Politico Reporter Criticized by Rep. Omar: Latest in ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Lawmakers Attacking Media Just Like Trump

Ilhan Omar Goes After Obama, Suggests He Was a ‘Pretty Face’ Who Got ‘Away With Murder’

Chelsea Manning Taken Into Custody for Refusing to Testify About Wikileaks in Sealed Court

Bernie Sanders Brags About 1988 Jesse Jackson Endorsement…But Urged Primary Against Obama in 2011

CNN’s Toobin: Obama WH Staffers ‘Didn’t Have to Hire Lawyers Because There Were No Scandals’

Watch: Outraged Non-Racist Mark Meadows Promised to Send Obama ‘Home to Kenya’ TWICE

WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Absolutely Wrecks Bernie Sanders on Slavery Reparations

Bernie Sanders Makes Yuge Health Care Gaffe During First Minutes of His Campaign

WATCH: Trump Told Fox & Friends Obama Could ‘Certainly’ Be Impeached for 2014 Immigration Executive Action

Should Democratic Presidential Candidates Allow Themselves to Be Interviewed on Fox News?

Trump Reportedly Got a New Golf Simulator Installed in the White House

Obama’s Ambassador to Israel Calls Out Rep. Omar: She Tweeted a ‘Vile Anti-Semitic Trope’

Watch Morning Joe Laugh At Trump’s Claim That Republicans Never Unfairly Investigated Obama

Watch the Time Trump Literally Changed a Guy’s Name and 5 Other Memorable SOTU Moments

Trump Says He Doesn’t Want His Son Barron Playing Football Because It’s a ‘Dangerous Sport’

Andrew Gillum to Join CNN as Political Commentator

Trump Crows About Manufacturing Job Growth, Swipes at Obama: ‘I Guess I Found the MAGIC WAND’

John Sununu Trashes Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Quantitatively Illiterate’ Millenial

No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does Not Have to Choose Between Being a Lawmaker and a Twitter Star

Watch Trump Trash Obama Over 2013 Shutdown: ‘He’s Not a Natural Dealmaker’

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