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Fox & Friends Defends Trump Call to Putin: ‘Hopefully There’s a Grand Plan’

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle Tells Fmr. Obama Official He Worked in a ‘Virtually Scandal-Free’ WH

Trey Gowdy: Trump’s Done ‘A Hell of a Lot Better’ on Russia Than Obama

Here’s a Stunning Supercut of Fox Newsers Bashing Obama For Saying He’d Meet With NoKo

Bill Kristol Trashes Don Jr: Obama ‘Much More Impressive an American’

Susan Rice Reportedly Told Staffers Planning Cyber Counterstrike On Putin in 2016 to ‘Stand Down’

Barack Obama in ‘Advanced Negotiations’ With Netflix For a Show Series

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Rips Trump Over Latest Russia Tweet: ‘You Are a Charlatan’

Trump Accuses Obama of Trying to ‘Discredit’ His Campaign: ‘Bigger Than Watergate!’

Van Jones: If Obama Had a Week Like Trump Just Did, People Would’ve Taken to the Streets

Jake Tapper Goes On Tweetstorm Calling Out Louis Farrakhan: ‘Elected Officials Meet With Him Openly’

Eric Trump Hits Obama Over Russian Meddling: ‘Why Did He Do Nothing?’

Trump Asks Why ‘Jeff Session’ is Not Investigating Obama For Russian Meddling

Fox & Friends Shamelessly Attempts to Cast Trump as a Crusader Against Russian Meddling

Trump: ‘I Have Been Much Tougher on Russia Than Obama, Total Fake News!’

Trump Thanks Fox & Friends For ‘Great Timeline on All of The Failures’ of Obama ‘Against Russia’

Hannity Goes After Obama for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ on Russia: ‘Start Talking’

Trump Blames Obama for Russian Election Meddling: ‘Why Didn’t He Do Something?’

Trump Rages Against FBI, Obama, and His Own National Security Adviser in Latest Russia Tweetstorm

Fox’s Tammy Bruce: Obama Told Trump to ‘Stop Whining’ About Interference With the Election

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