Barack Obama

CNN’s Toobin: Democrats ‘Pathetic’ to Worry About Hillary Clinton Motivating GOP Base

Obama Endorses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and More in New List of Midterm Picks for Office

Eric Holder Calls Trump’s MAGA Slogan ‘Rooted in Fear’

Biden: Obama and I Agreed to Stay Silent in Trump’s 1st Year, But I Couldn’t After Charlottesville

Trump Falsely Claims ‘Fake News Media’ Ignored Obama’s ’57 States’ Gaffe

Obama Delivers Fiery Rebuke of ‘Demagogues’ at Rally: ‘Bigots’ and ‘Fear Mongers’ are Exploiting U.S. History

Trump Uses Fake Quote to Slam Obama

Jeanine Pirro Points the Finger at Obama: ‘You, Barack, You Elected Donald Trump’

Obama Shares a Story at Anaheim Rally About the Time He Got Booted from Disneyland

WATCH LIVE: Obama Speaks at California Rally

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth: ‘Obama Has Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld Tear Into Obama: He’s Guilty of Everything He Accused Trump of

Obama Took Heat For Keeping His Political Powder Dry. Today’s Speech Proved His Critics Wrong

Trump Swipes at Obama Speech: ‘I Fell Asleep’

Obama’s Fiery Speech Divides Twitter Between Conservatives (He’s ‘Lecturing Us’) and Liberals (This is ‘Leadership’)

S.E. Cupp: ‘Pretty Darn Rich’ of Obama to Lament Current GOP After He Called Romney a ‘Bullsh*tter’ in 2012

Obama Rips Trump: I Complained About Fox News, But Never Called Them Enemies of the People

Obama Mocks Trump Over NYT Op-Ed: ‘Not How Our Democracy’s Supposed to Work’

Obama Hammers GOP in Stunning Speech: ‘What Happened to the Republican Party?!’

Obama Makes Midterm Push: ‘You Need to Vote Because Our Democracy Depends on It’

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