Morning Joe Rips Trump Claim Of Iranian Threat To Blow Up Embassies: ‘Completely Made Up For A Gullible Public’


The Morning Joe crew mocked President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that Qasem Soleimani was preparing to attack U.S. embassies as “completely made up for a gullible public.”

Trump rolled out the claim that Soleimani had planned to “blow up our embassy” in Baghdad during an impromptu press conference Thursday, then expanded the claim to an adoring rally crowd in Toledo, Ohio that night.

“Soleimani was planning new attacks, and he was looking very seriously at our embassies, and not just our embassy in Baghdad,” Trump said.

On Friday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Willie Geist cycled through the ever-evolving rationales given for the killing of Soleimani, and got to Trump’s “stunning claim” at the rally that there were threats against U.S. embassies, and pointed out that neither Vice President Mike Pence nor the administration’s briefers — according to every member of Congress who has been asked — ever mentioned such a threat.

“Yeah, If I didn’t know better, I’d say the president was just making it up,” panelist Eugene Robinson joked, then added “Hold it, I don’t know better than that. He is just making it up.

“Gene, I will say that line was scripted at the rally last night, so it wasn’t like he threw it out just to get the cheer from the crowd. It was something that the White House arrived at and put it into his speech,” Geist pointed out.

Robinson went on to say “This seems, again, absent evidence to the contrary, to be completely made up for a gullible public just to try to put some sort of gloss on this after the fact. In that briefing they heard of no imminent threat. They did not hear of an imminent threat. That’s what they all say.”

Later in the segment, they played a clip of reporter Garrett Haake asking Senator Lindsey Graham about the intelligence that has been released.

“The way we found this out, we’ll never tell anybody because it was magical, and we’re not going to compromise it,” Graham told Haake.

“The eighth Harry Potter movie has taken a weird turn,” Haake joked to the panel, adding “I was totally unprepared for that answer because I’ve never heard anything quite like that on Capitol Hill.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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