Nicolle Wallace Mocks Trump’s Covid-19 Briefings, Cites His ‘Blabbing for Hours’ for Big Drop in Gallup Poll


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace offered a scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefing from Wednesday and cited his repeated false claims and political diatribes during the ostensibly public health platform as a reason for the big drop in the latest Gallup poll.

During her Thursday afternoon broadcast, Wallace excoriate the president for his widely-criticized claim of near-limitless executive power and threat to force Congress to re-adjourn at his behest to quickly pass every one of his pending cabinet appointees.

“The president there saying he would use a provision in the constitution to get nominees into administration positions without senate approval to which [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch MCconnell, the one and only Mitch McConnell said, I don’t think so,” Wallace snarked. “From McConnell’s spokesman, quote, ‘The leader pledged to find ways to confirm nominees considered mission critical to the pandemic but under senate rules that will take consent from [Senate Minority] Leader [Chuck] Schumer.

Wallace then linked Trump’s oft-panned performances and factually incorrect claims for a steep drop in his latest job approval numbers from Gallup. In its latest poll, the president saw a net -15% drop in job approval, going from a 49% positive, 45% negative last week to a 43% positive, 54% negative this week. This marks a return to the roughly 10 points underwater standing Trump has had for nearly two years.

Gallup Poll Shows Net -15% Drop for Trump Job Approval

“Trump’s outlandish claims and mismanagement of the crisis seem to be taking a toll on his public standing as well,” Wallace said. “It makes me gasp to see the Gallup [approval] numbers plunge six points when Donald Trump is the one standing in the Rose Garden literally with his hands on his approval rating plunging them down by blabbing for hours and hours and hours.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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