‘Where is This River?’ Fox’s Decker Repeatedly Confronts McEnany on Trump Claim Ballots Were Dumped in a River


Thursday’s White House press briefing — already a fraught affair with numerous confrontations between the assembled reporters and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany — went even further off the rails after a correspondent questioned the administration’s spokesperson about an election fraud claim being pushed by President Donald Trump.

In a tense exchange, Fox News Radio’s Jon Decker grilled McEnany on a comment made last week by the president — who made a vague, unfounded reference to ballots found in a river.

“He said ‘they found a lot of ballots in a river.’ Who is ‘they?'” Decker asked.

“What the president was referring to are something that we’ve seen just in the last seven days, where in Wisconsin there were trails of mail ending up in a ditch,” McEnany said — referencing an incident which actually took place in Pennsylvania. “I believe that’s the specific he was referring to. And that included absentee ballots.”

Decker continued to press for an answer, asking McEnany, “In this particular statement though, who is ‘they’ that found those ballots, and where is this river anywhere in the country?”

“The local authorities, it was a ditch in Wisconsin,” McEnany said.

“If he misspoke, that’s fine,” Decker replied “So he meant a ditch, rather than a river.”

At that point, McEnany lashed out.

“You’re really missing the forest for the trees,” she retorted.

“I cover the news, and I like to report accurately the news,” Decker said. “And when the president says ‘they found a lot of ballots in a river,’ I simply want to know where the river is.”

“No, you simply want to ignore the fact of the matter,” McEnany snapped back. She added, “You are ignoring the problem here. Last week in Pennsylvania you had ballots found in a ditch. That’s a fact. … I actually don’t understand the lack of journalistic curiosity in reporting on this.”

“I just want to know where the river is,” Decker said. “Where is this river?”

McEnany went on to rant further about the subject of mail-in voting.

“There’s no journalistic curiosity when we’re finding Trump ballots cast to the side!” McEnany said.

“He’s asking you about it!” A reporter shouted out, coming to Decker’s defense.

“There’s no journalistic curiosity when a hundred thousand ballots were found in Brooklyn!” McEnany continued, unfazed.

“I’m asking you where the river is, and you can’t give an answer!” Decker said. “If the president meant a ditch, then say he meant a ditch!”

McEnany concluded by scolding Decker.

“Shameful filibustering and lack of journalistic curiosity,” she said.

“I’m very curious!” Decker said. “Where is the river? That’s curiosity!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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