Actress Rosario Dawson Was Among Those Arrested On Day 5 Of #DemocracySpring


Rosario Dawson has always skewed a little political. She has attended the White House Correspondents Dinner in the past. She has also always skewed a little demonstrative and provocative. When the New York Times got a bunch of celebrities to make out in 2014, she chose to kiss a woman.

Now that she has come out as a massive Bernie Sanders supporter, she’s linked up with The Young Turks and doubled down on her political involvement. (Cenk Uygur is undoubtedly jazzed about this, since he’s been a fan of hers for a long time.)

Today, during a demonstration against money in politics known as #DemocracySpring, which is now in its fifth day, Dawson was arrested. The entire point of the demonstration has been to get arrested, yes, but it’s rare to see a big-name celebrity so willingly get taken downtown for something other than a DUI.

She was arrested wearing a TYT shirt and everything.

The cops seemed to let her out quickly. Wonder if Angel was there in the jail, looking good and telling her, “Turn around, girlfriend”? Any Rent fans here? Yes? No?

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