Bill Kristol Tears into Seb Gorka: Is He ‘Gonna Keep Showing Up on TV Popping Off?’

Conventional wisdom in Washington has been that Gen. John Kelly should be credited with making some positive changes inside the White House during his first few weeks as Chief of Staff.

But according to Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, Kelly has a test to pass before he can truly be lauded for being a positive White House influence.

And that test is named Sebastian Gorka.

Appearing on The Lead with Jake Tapper on Friday, Kristol slammed Gorka, the White House deputy assistant for making so many media appearances given his “second-tier” place on the org chart.

“It is mindboggling,” Kristol said. He added, “Is Seb Gorka gonna keep showing up on TV, popping off for the next few days?”

Kristol hearkened back to his time working as Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle — a position which he regards as being similar in stature to Gorka’s. Kristol says that someone in such a position never would’ve been allowed to speak so openly in the media, particularly during a time of crisis.

“The idea that I…would just go on to TV and just pop off my views in the middle of a crisis? I would’ve been fired in 10 seconds,” Kristol said. “Jim Baker and Dick Cheney would’ve been on the phone to Dan Quayle, and I would’ve been walked out of the White House in 10 seconds.”

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