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Bill Maher And Christopher Hitchens “Gloat” About Catholic Church Molestations

“The one crime we can’t think of without vomiting, that’s the one crime the Catholic Church wants wiggle room for,” intoned displaced journalist Christopher Hitchens on last night’s Real Time With Bill Maher. Hitchens, who admitted he was on the program to “gloat” about the recent scandal involving the Pope and his knowledge of child molestation in the Roman Catholic church, wasted no time in condemning the entire institution of the Vatican, both political and “as the head of a giant cult” for the coverup that was recently uncovered in a Wisconsin School for the Deaf.

We don’t know about the church, but the obvious glee that both Maher and Hitchens have over being able to smack-talk the church (once again, at the expense of these children, though the duo would probably argue because of them) makes them only slightly less reprehensible than those who knew about the molestation and only could think of how to protect the church.

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