‘Chaos Unmatched in American History’: Mike Barnicle Has His Moment on Morning Joe


On Thursday, the president took some questions from the media for the first time in quite a while, while at his vacation spot in Bedminster, New Jersey. As is customary, Trump made news on a number of fronts from his growing war with Mitch McConnell to an escalating spat with North Korea and sent reporters scrambling for their keyboards.

On Morning Joe, Friday, Scarborough opened things up for his panel to dissect the news yesterday. It was a promising line up. In addition to Scarborough, Donny Deutsch was also on hand to say something nutty. But as they each took turns offering 60-90 takes, the prize went to none other than Mike Barnicle, who called Trump’s performance yesterday “chaos unmatched in American history.”

Joe set the stage.

“He did say some extraordinarily frightening things about North Korea, he did say some strange things about Paul Manafort, he did say some unsettling things about so many other topics. From 30,000 feet what did we see when we we’re watching the 45th president of the United States talk to the press for the first time in a long time.”

From there Barnicle was off.

“You saw a level of chaos that’s been unmatched in presidential history. You saw a president of the United States literally try to goad an unstable regime into doing something completely crazy that would change our world forever. You saw a President of the United States that clearly doesn’t understand the concept of legislating in Washington D.C.”

Delivered elegantly and with gravity, the Morning Joe regular who shares his name with a small marine crustacean continued by suggesting that Trump just needed a friend.

“You do need, at some level, at some point, a friend, some friend to help you whether it’s Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, whoever it is … you saw a level of selfishness and self-absorption that is unmatched in American history.”

We’re not going to spoil everything here, so watch above.

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