Mike Barnicle

Mike Barnicle on Trump’s Veteran’s Day: He’s So Narcissistic ‘He Doesn’t Get the Meaning of the Cemeteries’

Mike Barnicle: Trump’s ‘Constant Assault on the Media, Fake News’ Has Really Worked

Mike Barnicle: Trump Is Dividing The Country With ‘White Male Resentment’

MSNBC Contributor┬áMike Barnicle: Trump’s Base of Supporters Are ‘Deranged’

Morning Joe Nails ‘Grifters’ Accusing Intel Chiefs of Abuse: ‘Trump is Monetizing the Presidency’

Morning Joe Hosts Stress Over Covering Endless Trump Outbursts: ‘It’s My Job to Read His Stupid Tweets’

Morning Joe Marvels At Russia Summit: Putin ‘Walking in From the Cold’…Into ‘Embrace of the American President’

Morning Joe Slams GOP and Paul Ryan Over Russia Moves: Trump is ‘Not Defending the Republic’

Laura Ingraham Defends Sarah Sanders From Press ‘Mob,’ Slams Twitter ‘Threats’ from April Ryan

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle Tells Fmr. Obama Official He Worked in a ‘Virtually Scandal-Free’ WH

Joe Scarborough Slams Rowdy Marathon Trump Speech: ‘Like A Mussolini Rally’

Morning Joe Slams Sen. Johnson for ‘Secret Society’ Claims: ‘Limited Intellect’ or ‘Malicious Intent’?

MSNBC’s Barnicle Asks Wolff: ‘Was Steve Bannon at Any Point Drunk During Your Conversations?’

Morning Joe Blasts Dem Congressman Who Insulted John Kelly: ‘Disgraceful, Outrageous Words’

MSNBC Panel Hits Trump Over Lack of Empathy for Harvey Victims: ‘He’s Just Concerned About Optics’

Mike Barnicle Unchained: Trump Has ‘Ceded His Moral Authority’

‘Chaos Unmatched in American History’: Mike Barnicle Has His Moment on Morning Joe

Morning Joe Blasts Trump Jr.: Astounding ‘Level of Ignorance and Duplicity’

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle: Two Sources Say Mike Flynn ‘In a Strong Position’ to Get Immunity

Mike Barnicle Disses Ted Cruz: ‘Thinks He’s Just the Smartest Person in the Room’

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