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Krauthammer: US Institutions Holding Up Under ‘Careening Recklessness’ of Trump

Donald Trump‘s presidency is something of a “stress test” on American institutions — according to conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer. And for the moment, in his view, the institutions are holding up.

In a column for the National Review, Krauthammer wrote that five different developments last week tested various American institutions. Specifically, he focused on Trump’s announcement of a transgender military ban, the increased pressure on Attorney Jeff Sessions to resign, the Senate rejecting the Obamacare repeal, Trump’s politically charged speech to the Boy Scouts, and Trump encouraging police officers to rough up people they’ve arrested.

But Krauthammer believes the various institutions withstood pressure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Donald Trump’s worst week proved a particularly fine hour for American democracy,” Krauthammer wrote.

Take, for instance, the military — which refused to act on Trump’s Twitter decree banning transgender people from service.

“[T]he military told the commander in chief to go jump in a lake,” Krauthammer wrote. “Generally speaking, this is not a healthy state of affairs in a nation of civilian control. It does carry a whiff of insubordination. But under a president so uniquely impulsive and chronically irrational, a certain vigilance, even prickliness, on the part of the military is to be welcomed.”

Krauthammer went on to bash Trump “whining, self-referential, partisan, and political” address to the Boy Scouts.

“How do you blow a speech to Boy Scouts?” Krauthammer wrote. “No merit badge for the big guy.”

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