Charles Krauthammer Admits It: ‘Surely the President Has Had a Bad Day’

There was no sugarcoating it, as far as Fox News mainstay Charles Krauthammer was concerned. Things didn’t go very well Thursday for President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Special Report, the conservative commentator said that it wasn’t a good sign that the White House was forced to defend the President’s trustworthiness after former FBI Director James Comey called him a liar during his Senate testimony.

“[O]n a day when the Press Secretary says ‘the President is not a liar,’ you’ve had a bad day,” Krauthammer said. “I don’t think there’s any way to read this…Surely the President had a bad day.”

He added, “I think it brings home the question of the president’s credibility, which is always a big loss.

Comey didn’t escape the segment without taking some flak from Krauthammer, who said that Comey “cowardly.”

I think he was credible in part because he showed himself to be cowardly, caving in to Loretta Lynch, characterizing the investigation into Hillary in a way that helped her campaign that he knew was wrong but he did it anyway…If you thought this was obstruction of justice when Trump was asking you to drop the Flynn thing, why didn’t you resign? Why didn’t you even bring it up with the President or anybody in Justice?

“I don’t know if cowardly is the right word,” Krauthammer added. “But he sure has post-facto integrity.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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