Fox’s Chris Wallace Hammers Sen. Jeff Sessions on Trump’s Recent Controversial Remarks

SessionsFox’s Chris Wallace hammered Sen. Jeff Sessions for his support of Donald Trump, despite the presumptive GOP nominee’s string of inflammatory remarks.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, the Alabama Senator, ardent Trump supporter, and chair of the candidate’s national security committee, fielded a catalogue of challenges from Wallace regarding Trump’s statements and GOP leaders’ wariness with him.

“Senator, with all the controversies of the last month,” Wallace began, referring to (deep breath) Trump’s insinuation that President Obama was allied with terrorists; his demand that Obama and Hillary Clinton resign and drop out of the race, respectively, because of their failure to utter “radical Islam”; his accusations that U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan had pocketed taxpayer money; and his attempts to smear a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage. “Hasn’t Trump squandered the last few weeks?” Wallace asked.

“Well, I don’t think he’s squandered it, but it’s been a difficult time,” Sessions said. “And the people want to vote for him. He’s correct on the issues, and I think tone can improve over time.”

He likened Trump to Bush 41 who, he said, had recovered from a similar pre-convention dip in the polls.

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