Chris Wallace

Fox News Viewers Rage at Chris Wallace For Confrontational Stephen Miller Interview: ‘Move to CNN!’

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Influences Trump. Hours Later, Trump Quotes Him in Coup-Touting Tweet.

Stephen Miller Stumped By Wallace’s Barrage of Border Facts: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Stephen Miller on National Emergency: ‘Answer My Question!’

Chris Wallace on Trump Declaring Emergency: Maybe He Thinks He Can Tell Base ‘I Did Everything I Could’

Mulvaney Hopes to Know Who Leaked Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ Schedule By End of Week

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Gets Mick Mulvaney to Admit Trump Immigration ‘Hypocrisy’ is a ‘Fair Question’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: ‘Rich’ For GOP to Decry Whitaker Proceedings After Obama-Era Hearings, Benghazi

Chris Wallace Asks if Gov. Northam Should be Judged on Blackface Photo: ‘It WAS 35 Years Ago’

Fire at Fox News’ D.C. Bureau Forces Evacuation Just Two Hours Before Mike Pence Interview

Chris Wallace Calls Out Pence for Saying ‘ISIS is Defeated’ Hours After Attack: ‘You Were Briefed’ Before Statement

Chris Wallace: ‘It Takes Two to Tango’ on Shutdown; Shepard Smith: ‘There’s No Tango Here,’ It’s on Trump

Chris Wallace on BuzzFeed Report: ‘Very Disturbing’ If True, But Take It With ‘A Giant Block of Salt’

Lindsey Graham Finds it ‘Astonishing’ Trump Investigated as Russian Agent: ‘How Could the FBI Do That?’

Trump Has Stopped Talking About Terror at the Border. All It Took Was Chris Wallace to Demolish Sarah Sanders on Live Television

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Immediately Fact-Checks Trump Oval Office Address

Fox’s Chris Wallace Totally Busted Sarah Sanders Sunday. Here’s How Fox News Covered it Monday

CNN’s Stelter Applauds Fox Anchor Chris Wallace For Tough Interview With Sarah Sanders

Fox’s Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Sarah Sanders on Bogus Border Terror Threat Claims

Chris Wallace: If Pelosi Caves On Wall Funding ‘She Would Probably Be Thrown Out’ as Speaker

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