CNN’s S.E. Cupp Gets in Touch with Her Maternal Side by Hunting While Pregnant


CNN’s Crossfire co-host S.E. Cupp is very pregnant these days and in a new column, she details the happiness she derives from the miracle of life and how similar it is to gutting a fish.

Cupp says in her column that she had the opportunity to go dove hunting in late August but that information on hunting while pregnant was scant online and non-existent in books. So, she called her doctor who gave her the go-ahead.

The way Cupp tells it, both her pregnancy and hunting have been transcendental experiences for her:

What I discovered is that the feelings I have when hunting and fishing are the same ones that my pregnancy has brought out. These are primal, organic experiences that connect a woman to nature and hone her biological instincts, show her both the limitations of her body and all the amazing things it is capable of, and assure her she can be self-reliant.

As a woman, I can’t recall a more empowering feeling than the one I got from skinning a bear or yanking a king salmon out of a wild Alaska river, gutting it on the river bank, cooking it up on an open flame and eating it with my hands. I felt strong, molecularly human and oddly maternal. I assume delivering a baby will feel a thousand times more empowering.

Cupp concludes noting the ultimate lesson she has learned from pregnancy: “Breasts are for producing milk and opposable thumbs are for casting a fishing rod.”

One of the many photos provided by Cupp:

Full column (with more pictures) here.

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