Fareed Zakaria Reportedly Plagiarized a Documentary, Word for Word

Despite Fareed Zakaria and CNN doubling down on their anchor’s reputation after a string of plagiarism allegations, the anonymous team at Our Bad Media today released a flurry of evidence that Zakaria continued to plagiarize at the network and elsewhere.

In summary, the anonymous ethics robots known as @blippoblappo and @crushingbort found over 26 more instances of Zakaria ripping and tweaking sentences from outlets like the Economist and The New York Times, academic papers, and documentaries, and placing them into his CNN content. They lay out the case for his serial plagiarism here — and it’s a doozy of a post — but the most damning piece of evidence isn’t a side-by-side comparison of two articles, but a video.

Here’s a comparison between the opening of a 2010 documentary about the death of a Russian whistleblower, “Justice for Sergei,” and a Fareed Zakaria segment about the same subject, in which he repeats the documentary’s opening nearly verbatim:


“We can’t read Fareed Zakaria’s mind but we can reasonably draw the conclusion that ethics are secondary to his need to be perceived as a ‘thought leader,'” they wrote. “We can also infer that he thinks his viewers and the reporters who cover him are idiots, lazy, or both.”

And as a final flourish, they found that the first column he ever wrote for The New Republic… was also allegedly plagiarized.


Full write-up over at Our Bad Media.

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