Competitive Eater L.A. Beast Takes On The Banana And Sprite Challenge

L.A. Beast does more than just sit down and eat massive amounts of the same food — he’ll chug a bottle of soy sauce and eat a baseball-sized wad of wasabi, or eat a stick of butter and chug Elmer’s glue. And he does so accompanied by an awesome robotic, auto-tuned voice that mocks his exploits. His latest video?:

“It’s been brought to my attention that the Banana Sprite Challenge is out there. Supposedly, eating bananas and drinking Sprite makes you sick to your stomach. That don’t happen to me.”

The challenge is to quickly eat and drink — and then hold down — two bananas and a two-liter Sprite. The combination supposedly makes everyone throw up. But L.A. Beast, confident that he can handle it, eats six bananas, chugs the Sprite, spins around on a baseball bat, and then does a shake weight exercise.

Does he make it? Find out below (although proceed with caution, as the language, as funny as it is, can be a little salty), courtesy of L.A. Beast’s YouTube channel:

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