comScore Controversial Fmr Fox News Contributor Bo Dietl Says ‘I Would Support’ HRC’s Run For NYC Mayor

Controversial Fmr Fox News Contributor Bo Dietl Says ‘I Would Support’ HRC’s Run For NYC Mayor

Bo Dietl, a staple of conservative New York City hallway hangouts, is a former NYPD detective who has no qualms about letting his utter disdain for incumbent mayor Bill de Blasio be known.

To tease your palate to this angry diatribe, give a listen to this audio clip from a Thursday interview Dietl did with Joe Piscopo on AM 970 THE ANSWER, where he continued his long-running criticism of “Big Bird” de Blasio (the NYPD vet also casually referred to de Blasio as “that 6’8″ punk”) . Dietl — who was fired from Fox News following the ousting of his pal Roger Ailes last summer — has previously announced that he would run as a Democrat in order to kick de Blasio’s chances at reelection to the curb.

That is, unless, someone very specifically doesn’t run.

Rumors have been floating that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may run for Mayor of New York, though many have alleged that the spin of headlines on this story are aimed mainly at punishing de Blasio for his late endorsement of the eventual Democratic nominee. During the primary process, Clinton was facing stiff opposition in the form of Bernie Sanders, and reports suggested the Clinton team was angered by de Blasio’s apparent feet-dragging.

Still, as Dietl revealed to Piscopo Thursday morning, he very well would support the former Secretary of State if she threw her hat into the Big Apple ring. “Honestly, I’m reaching out to Hillary to see if she really wants to run,” he told SNL-alum Piscopo. “I would think about — I gotta take this guy out. And if Hillary runs, I would support her or vice vera, I would talk to Hillary about supporting me, because we gotta get rid of this guy.”

“I don’t want the union officials to vote for me,” Dietl continued, in direct criticisms of de Blasio’s base of support. “I want the people to vote for me,” echoing shades of President Donald Trump‘s populist surge nationwide.

“He’s so afraid of one guy: Bo Dietl,” he concluded. “His record is disgusting.” Listen above via AM 70 THE ANSWER.

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