Dem Presidential Hopeful Jim Webb Offers Defense of Confederacy


Possible Democratic presidential candidate and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb struck a markedly different tone from others in his party by writing a defense of the Confederacy on his Facebook page and calling for “mutual respect” of others’ heritage.

Webb, who is himself a descendant of a Confederate veterans, wrote about the “complicated history” of the Civil War. “The Confederate Battle Flag has wrongly been used for racist and other purposes in recent decades. It should not be used in any way as a political symbol that divides us.”

“But we should also remember that honorable Americans fought on both sides in the Civil War, including slave holders in the Union Army from states such as Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, and that many non-slave holders fought for the South,” he said. “It was in recognition of the character of soldiers on both sides that the federal government authorized the construction of the Confederate Memorial 100 years ago, on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.”

“This is a time for us to come together, and to recognize once more that our complex multicultural society is founded on the principle of mutual respect,” he concluded.

Back in 2008, Politico noted that Webb had an “affinity for the cause of the Confederacy” that was likely to prevent him from becoming then-Senator Barack Obama‘s vice presidential candidate. In his book “Born Fighting,” Webb strongly denounced what he called the “Nazification of the Confederacy,” and “revisionist politicians and academics” trying to “defame the entire Confederate Army.”

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