Donahue on Whether He Saw Trump as a Potential President 30 Years Ago: ‘Are You Serious?!’


Phil Donahue appeared on MSNC’s AM Joy this morning to discuss President Donald Trump and his interactions with the then-real estate mogul back when he hosted his eponymous talk show. And he was asked by host Joy Reid what his thoughts of Trump were back in the ’80s.

With it being pointed out that Donahue had interviewed Trump three times on his show, a 1987 interview was brought up that occurred around the release of Art of the Deal. As Reid noted that Trump was seemingly styling himself even then as a “potential future president,” she wanted to know if Donahue thought he saw Trump that way back then.

“Are you serious? Oh, not even in a million years,” he exclaimed.

Donahue explained that he just thought of his as a “hot dog” who worked really hard at collecting celebrities and getting “his name on a lot of buildings.”

The two went on to discuss some of the similarities between the Trump of the ’80s and the man now occupying the White House. A clip was played of 1987 Trump slamming countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia, claiming then that they were “ripping off this country.”

He further stated that we are now in the “darkest political moment in American history” as we now have a “crotch-grabber for president,” referencing the infamous Access Hollywood tape. This echoed comments he made in a recent appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

Watch the segment above, via MSNBC.

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