Joy Reid

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is the Latest Target of a Nasty Social Media Smear Campaign

Joy Reid Sued For Defamation By Trump Supporter She Claimed Lobbed Racial Slur at Teen

Joy Reid and Panel Rip Anonymous Op-Ed Author: Wants to ‘Be Fitted for Their Superman Cape’

Omarosa: Michael Cohen Did What He Was Asked to Do, Now Trump’s Kicking Him While He’s Down

Checking in on That ‘Investigation’ Into Joy Reid’s Hacker

Art of the Deal Writer: Dems Should Be Asking People ‘Do You Want Putin to Be President’ or an American?

MSNBC Guest on Bannon’s Claim Trump Isn’t Racist: Shouldn’t Ask ‘A Racist if Someone Else is Racist’

Trump Biographer Rips ‘Flat-Out Racist’ President Over Europe Comments: It’s ‘Make America White Again’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Loses Over 20% of Viewers After Blog Controversy

Joy Reid Accused MSNBC of ‘Slow Walking’ Her Story About Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Accuser

Christian Activist Shreds ‘Pimps of Evil’ in GOP For Child Migrant Policy: ‘White Evangelical Voters’ Are the Problem

Art of the Deal Co-Author Blasts Trump’s ‘Deranged’ Praise of Kim Jong Un: POTUS ‘Lacks a Soul’

CNBC’s John Harwood Concerned About Trump’s ‘State of Mind’ After Presser: ‘He Did Not Look Well’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Threatened Violence and Made Anti-Gay Jokes on Radio, Old Coworkers Claim

Joy Reid Shouldn’t Be Fired, She Should Resign

CNN Panel Rips Joy Reid Over ‘Nutty’ Hacking Claims: ‘Reminds Me of the Anthony Weiner Issue’

CNN’s Pamela Brown Hits Joy Reid For ‘Sort Of Taking Ownership’ After Hacking Claims: ‘That Was a Lie!’

Joy Reid Does Not Address Her Latest Blog Controversies On-Air

Fox & Friends Pile On Joy Reid For Claiming Old Blog Was Hacked: ‘Talk About Fake News’

A Guide to Celebrity Offensive Remarks and The Punishments They Faced (Or Lack There Of)

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