Joy Reid

Joy Reid Apologizes for Past Anti-Gay Articles: ‘Insensitive, Tone Deaf and Dumb’

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Wrote Numerous Anti-Gay Articles on Her Old Blog

MSNBC Panel Gets Heated Over Roy Moore: ‘Disgusting’ You ‘Would Support a Child Molester’

Joy Reid on ‘#PieGate’: ‘When You Spend Every Day Lying to the Press,’ People Don’t Believe You

Joy Reid Tears Into Pastor Mark Burns For Defending Roy Moore: ‘Aren’t You a Moral Leader?’

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Affinity for Underage Girls: ‘Trump Was the Roy Moore of Beauty Pageants’

Chris Hayes: Fascinating to See How Much ‘The Trump TV Network’ Has Been Spinning This Week

Joy Reid: Trump, Nunes, and Fox News Coordinating to ‘Turn the Levers of Gov’t’ Against Clinton

Joy Reid Says Trump’s ‘Dangerous Narcissism’ Reveals His ‘Dark’ Side

Tucker Carlson: Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid Are ‘Morons’ for Invoking Race to Slam John Kelly

Why Doesn’t Joy Reid Have a Weekday Evening Show on MSNBC?

Joy Reid Goes Off on Hannity, Tucker Carlson: ‘Biggest Hypocrites’ on Weinstein!

Dem Congressman Slams Trump Using Spanish Accent to Say Puerto Rico: ‘Not a Comedy Show!’

Chris Matthews: Trump Wants to Erase Obama’s ‘Face’ and ‘Name’ From the ‘History Books’

GOP Strategist Compares Trump to an Emotional Teenager: ‘We Have a High School Girl as President’

Joy Reid: Trump Has a ‘Particular Reflex to Attack Women, to Attack Women of Color’

Clinton: People in the Press Have Told Me They ‘Overdid’ Coverage of My Emails

Clinton: Why Do Female Trump Supporters ‘Publicly Disrespect Themselves’ by Opening Door to Sexism?

Joy Reid: The GOP in Congress Has Behaved ‘As If They’re Donald Trump’s Employees’

Trump Biographer David Cay Johnston: The President ‘Is the Embodiment of Being a Racist’

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