Eric Trump Fooled into Taking Photo With Protester in ‘Latina Contra Trump’ Shirt


Eric Trump might want to brush up on his Spanish, if for any reason so that he isn’t tricked into standing for photos with people who clearly don’t like his dad.

Annie and Ceci Cadelle are Cuban American sisters, and on Friday night, they decided to play a joke on a pro-Donald Trump rally in North Carolina. The two decided to go protest, highlighting their intentions with a shirt reading “Latina Contra Trump,” which translates to “Latina Against Trump.”

While the sisters expected things to get rough or that they’d be asked to leave, the Cadelles found that not a single pro-Trump person realized what kind of message they were putting out throughout the night. The two of them eventually encountered Eric and Lara Trump, and they posed for a picture together, all while the Trumps remained completely unaware of what was going on.

“We didn’t see anyone there that was Latin American or that we thought could speak Spanish,” Ceci Cadelle said to Salisbury Post. “While we were surprised that no one really noticed, I really think that it stands as a testament to the lack of diversity surrounding that campaign.”

Trump continues to have problems with attracting Hispanic voters, having potentially given his controversial rhetoric new life with his comments about “bad hombres.”

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