Eric Trump Touts U.S. Economic Progress: ‘Look at the Lines in Home Depot’


Eric Trump joined Fox & Friends this morning to go to bat for his dad.

When F&F host Brian Kilmeade said the political left and media were suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and make the President look bad, the younger Trump couldn’t help but back his father up.

“If you look at the amount of coverage that has been directed to that story and to all this nonsense and garbage, versus all the amount of coverage directed to the fact that the DOW is at an all time high, the S&P 500 is at an all time high, the Russell 2000 is at an all time high,” Trump responded. “I ask everyone to do this; open up your 401k. Look at where it was on election day to where they are now, they’re up 15-20 percent.”

To further his logic, Trump measured his confidence in his father by the lines at Home Depot.

“Go into Home Depot. Look at the lines at Home Depot. We are thriving as a nation. Everyone wants to focus on nonsense, on garbage, on distractions,” he said.

Trump also touched on many sensitive subjects, like Russia, the media and European relations.

“My father will be the greatest ally in the world to Europe,” Trump said. “There’s no better negotiators in the world than my father. There is no tougher person in the world than my father.”

Trump finished his time on-air with a statement to the media:

“Look at the visceral hatred. Their approach. Their negativity. It’s sad when you know a person to be a good person and then you see a narrative that’s depicted because some boss at one of these networks is telling them to spew a certain line of garbage. It’s hurtful in a certain way, but you know what I’ll say about my father: He’s an incredible fighter, and he will never stop,” Trump said.

Watch above.

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