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Familiar Media Faces Appear in Zoolander 2 ‘Covering’ Hansel and Derek

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.44.58 AMLast night in New York City, Red Hour Films and Scott Rudin Productions held the world premiere for the highly-anticipated Zoolander sequel, and sources who attended the event have confirmed a large number of media personalities make cameos in the project.

The film is the next installment of the comedy franchise that debuted in 2001. The parody of the male modeling world stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. The sequel, which was directed by Stiller, relied on a ton of news and political media personalities delivering lines as if Derek Zoolander and Hansel were truly world-renowned celebrity male models enduring the vicissitudes of their unpredictable and idiotic lives.

NBC stars like Matt Lauer and Katie Couric have numerous lines in the film, as does Natalie Morales. Interestingly, all appeared to be on a Today Show set, including Couric who hasn’t worked at Today for years. CNN also allowed its set to be used in Zoolander 2 with Christiane Amanpour reporting from the field and Don Lemon from a studio. Others making cameos include Soledad O’Brien, former Dateline anchor Jane Pauley, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and yes, Mediaite founder and ABC News Legal Anchor Dan Abrams.

Maybe the most surprising appearance however, is former host of PBS Newshour’s Jim Lehrer. Yes, the forever staid Jim Lehrer was talking all about Derek and Hansel.

You may have to wait till Friday to see your favorite news anchors covering “blue steel” when the film opens everywhere.

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